Getting to Burma

How to get to Burma

Check out our complete Inle Lake Myanmar guide. Important Burmese travel information such as meditation visa, contact with Myanmar embassy, registration for the Panditarama retreat, hotels and money exchange. No direct flights to Burma, all include a stopover depending on who you are flying with. Do you want to visit Burma, the Asian country with its mysterious beauty? It is a small domestic airport, accessible from all major destinations in Myanmar.

Burma (Myanmar) Transport - Travel & to Myanmar (Burma)

Very few fly internationally to Myanmar. Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are the best connections from all over the globe to get to Myanmaryou're, starting in China, you can take a week long trip from Kunming to Yangon, whose major entrance is the Yangon city' internat.

We recommend travelling via Bangkok to organise a smooth Indochina tour: Myanmar has three Thai and Myanmar borders for visitors to the city: Myanmar and Myanmar: As the Strait of Myanmar is in bad shape, aviation is the most convenient option for travellers. If you are booked on national flights, be tolerant and book your flights 24hrs in advance.

It is not always recommended to take the trains to Myanmar because of the long delay, low speeds, bad services and bad hygiene of the WC. Renting a privately owned transporter is your best option if you want to be independent. The pick-up is a good option for those who leave the well-trodden paths to see the true life style of the Myanmar population.

A visit to Myanmar is only a few klicks away if you are contacting us for an individual Indochina itinerary.

What is the best way to get a Myanmar (Burma) in Bangkok 2014 visas?

If you know of any procedural changes in the Burmese Embassy, please use the comment field below for comment. A Myanmar (Burma) in Bangkok can be obtained very quickly at the "Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar".

Booking your flight well in advance, rocking with all your accommodations and just a few nights in front of you, you can be sure that you will get your visas back. Initially we were at the embassy in early October 2013 and then traveled for 3 week through Myanmar, both north and south.

For more information about what you can see and do in Myanmar, please see our Budget Backpackers Guide to Myanmar. If you have any queries about what to do in Myanmar, such as the availablility of ATMs, the currencies you will need to take, vaccinations, etc., please contact us. See our Myanmar 101 - Travel tips for Backpacking Myanmar articles.

There' s also a great deal of information on the Internet that is either incorrect or outdated about the Myanmar immigration procedure. However, the issue is that many backpacker tourists who blog about the trial get a quick-fix on the same date, which is more complicated to handle than a next days or 2 days wait.

This is a guideline that is valid for all travelers and what the procedure is for any services at the Myanmar Mission in Bangkok, Thailand. Useful information for the Burmese Ambassador, Bangkok: Visas are available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 - 12.00 for visas and from 15.30 - 16.30 for visas.

It' shut for all important Myanmar / Thailand holiday, so be sure to be there before you arrive! When does the Myanmar Mission open? Other information says that the message should be at the head of the line at 8 o'clock in the morning. You should simply arrive before 11am and you should have no problems receiving your resume that particular date.

Please be aware, however, that the host country's embassy will be very busy during those days when it is shut down due to national holidays. We arrived at the dispatch during the morning for 9 o'clock and were on the way for 9:40 o'clock. 2x passportpictures, which are new and a real image of yourself.

Thai currency in Thai Bahia, according to the type of visas you will receive (more on this later). Data of your flight to and from Burma. First, if you need a photocopy or photo for your visas, there are many copy stores along Sathon Nuea Road.

If you want to make some savings, continue along the street, where you will see in some places a sign saying "photocopy". Skipping the waiting line, go to the front lefthand switch (counter 4) and ask for the required visas.

As an alternative, there is now a vans in front of the Swiss Federal Foreign Office, which is run by a third person who can handle the necessary work. I would always strongly advise you to have the visas edited at the Swiss Federal Missions. When you do the task yourself, end up queuing and begin to fill out the forms while standing in line (you will have a lot of time).

If you get to the front of the line, there are stickers and staples, stick one picture on your resume and fasten the other with a staple. What is the price of a Myanmar visa in 2014? Embassy of the Union of Myanmar, 132 Sathon Nuea Road, Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120.

You will find the embassy's office on the second street on the left. When can you collect your visas at the Myanmar Consulate? Visas are only open for 1 hours on each day of the week between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Just go to the desk where your voucher is marked and pass it on to the one behind the desk (counter 2).

They' ll give you back documents that need to be autographed and sent back below, then you can take your passport, which has now been upgraded with a nice Myanmar visas (see pictures below!). Plan your trip to Myanmar now. The Myanmar Visum! Please see our other guideline for "More information on business visas and entry visas to Myanmar".

The Myanmar Visa! Would you like to read our other travel guides about Myanmar?

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