Getting to Burma

How to get to Burma

A cycling holiday in Burma will help you get started. We use everything from trains and planes to cars and boats. Burma's human rights record is deteriorating. Rory MacLean had followed the memory of a short visit to Burma for years. Do you still need your Myanmar visa?

Like To Get To Burma: transportation means

Myanmar is a land that is becoming more and more open to tourists. Featuring many amphitheatres, beautiful scenery and a hotly populated area, the state undoubtedly has all the prerequisites to become one of the most important tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It is, however, in full swing of its infrastructures, in particular traffic.

So how do you get to Burma? Burma's transportation is already diverse, but the public administrations are now working to enhance service and network. It is better for Burmese tourists to know the current state of affairs in advanced. Today, aviation is the most common means of transportation for international travellers in Burma.

We offer foreign air services from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Singapore, Kolkata and Kunming. Burma is quite well equipped as far as air traffic is concerned. Myanmar Airways is the local carrier, but the company also has local carriers for internal services and some foreign services. We also recommend that you reserve your flight in advanced, especially in high seasons, as group trips are more common.

When you want a hint of authenticity, a rail trip is a Myanmar adventure, to put it mildly.... a typical of Burma. You' ll have to put up with a lot of delay if you take a overnight on a trip to Myanmar. Once you have decided how to get to Burma, you need to choose the means of transportation you want to use.

The majority of them are owned by privately owned enterprises. If you are willing to buy a driver and a new vehicle and AC (100 USD per day), however, you will find this means of transportation relatively comfortable. You can also get away from congested coaches, which can be a great advantage to enjoying your tourist activity in Burma.

Renting a motorbike or motorbike in Burma for about US $ 10 a days will be simple enough. Remember to always wear a hat and take out tourist health insure. In Burma there are also a number of cabs. The other means of transportation in Burma are pick-up lorries, trishaws, horse-drawn carts and bikes.

They will not ask you to use helmets, but be aware of your health and safety policy. It' a long way, but it can be very comfortable, especially in Burma. When you want to make the most of your journey to the surrounding area, visiting the temple or small fishermen's village, don't feel free to inquire about itineraries.

Though often in bad shape or not to the degree we know it, the means of transportation in Burma are part of the charms of this state. There is no denying that you will find the one you love most in your trip to Burma. Getting to Burma is a very interesting answer.

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