Getting Myanmar Visa in Bangkok

Get Myanmar Visa in Bangkok

They'll pick it up in the afternoon. The Thanon Pan - The street where the visa section is located. Snake to apply for your visa. When you plan to travel through the beautiful country of Myanmar, you must apply for your visa in advance. Obtaining your visa to Myanmar should be no problem, especially if you know where to get it and how to get it.

Up-to-date information on obtaining a Myanmar virus in Thailand

Visas in Bangkok are really simple. Appear at the Myanmar Mission before 9:00 am (the line begins to form around 7:00 am). This line-up was a little bewildering, because a metric-tonne of the natives (or maybe also Myanmarers) were already set up in a different row than the one we had to be in.

We were - directly in front of a locked metallic gate under the writing VISA SECTION and posed the next to it. Complete the form, which I suggest you do when you're in line. You' re not getting a number until you fill out the form, and I didn't see any empty form in it when we got in.

There' s a mini van that prints, copies, photographs etc. that will sell the 5-hectare ticket. Please take a crayon and 2 photographs and a color copy of your pass. As soon as the door opens, show your filled out application to get a number, and as soon as your number appears on the screen, take everything to the switch and hand it over together with your pass.

On the same date the visa is 1490 BHt, the next date it is 1350 and the normal 2-day process is 800, so if you have the free moment, this is much less expensive.

Get a Myanmar Visa in Bangkok - Myanmar Message Board

I got my Myanmar visas last night. Visas are now issued for three month. You now have the option of how long you want to stay to get your pass back (no more unfortunate officers, you will now be asked what you want). 1'260 Thai Bath - BUT YOU MUST GET A LIGHT BY Flights In And Out Of MYANMAR !o Come back the morrow: 810 Thai Bath.

This information is also required for a touristic visas - if you don't get into difficulties like me and have to fill out a new queued paperwork. A small gray vehicle also stands in front of the offices during the opening of the message in the mornings.

You can also help end the stationery with adhesive or staples to fix the photograph. On the back of the room there is also a large desk with desk equipment (scissors, adhesive and staples). The same applies to the "unspoken agreement" after 3:10 pm when someone gets up - from the shade on the other side of the road to hurry to the front of the offices, where they are building a very disorderly line in front of the locked-doors.

I have the visas now and I'm very lucky.

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