Getting Myanmar Visa in Bangkok

Get Myanmar Visa in Bangkok

It is necessary if you enter Myanmar by land! You can obtain this type of visa from the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok and should also be available from the Embassy of Myanmar in your country. The Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok is located near Surasak BTS station: Myanmar visa in Bangkok: Many people think getting a visa abroad is a problem.

Bangkok Myanmar Visa

Burma has a visa in place on entry. For more information, click here or to schedule your journey to Myanmar. I can tell you firsthand that if you have ever been told that it is not possible for Americans to go to Myanmar, that is wrong. Indeed, you can obtain a visa for entry into Myanmar directly in Bangkok, Thailand.

To get a visa for Myanmar in Bangkok, you only need a few papers, two passports, a six-month valid visa and about 900 Thai Buh. Myanmar visa request asks for the usual information, your reasons for visiting Myanmar and your intended route.

Myanmar visa applications also ask for your employment. From a technical point of view, you need a copy of your route and at least one Myanmar booking to obtain a visa for Myanmar. In addition, you will need two pass photographs with a blank backdrop, which you can take at a photographic stand in any shopping centre in Bangkok, such as the MBK Centres.

A Myanmar visa in Bangkok costs 830 Bahts, paid in Thailand only. Myanmar's message in Bangkok is a little crude, so I would suggest that you get some accurate coins if possible. Myanmar's Bangkok Ambassador is easiest to get to Sathorn Road 132 in the Sathorn neighborhood by cab.

Bangkok SkyTrain to Surasak Silom Line stop for a less expensive and less strenuous itinerary. The Myanmar Embassy is about 600 ft. further on the south. Myanmar's embassy in Bangkok is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The phone line is long, so get as near as possible to 9 a.m. if you want to drop off your bum.

The Myanmar visa should be issued the next morning after 1 p.m. The visa will take up an entire page of the pass and will have the photograph you have given to the visa inspector. Were you aware that there are no cash machines anywhere in Myanmar and that the only way to get access to the country's currencies is to trade coins with cash change machines on the MYANMA?

I expect that you have at least done some research on what to do and where to go to Myanmar when you plan a journey there. When not, I have a lot of inspirations for you, in the shape of my Myanmar Travel Guide. informed, inspired, entertained and empowered travellers like you.

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