Getting around Myanmar

Travelling in Myanmar

For more information about flights, visit Myanmar by air. Much of Myanmar, especially border areas and regions where the government is in conflict with ethnic minorities - such as large parts of Shan. Cycling is a good way to move, as we experimented when we arrived. For most foreigners, a visa is required before entry. You can travel through Myanmar by plane, train, bus or riverboat.

Getting around Myanmar

It is not as effective and inexpensive to get around Myanmar as in some neighboring states. Let us take a look at the best ways to embark on a journey to this intriguing world: a journey of discovery: It is one of the most pulsating towns in Myanmar with many attractions such as monuments, monasteries and churches.

Walking is a great way to explore the town of Yangon. Although Yangon is not particularly bicycle or walker-orientated, there are some places of interest in the inner part of the town that are absolutely worth seeing and that are in the immediate vicinity. An inexpensive way to explore the town is by coach.

But the travelling is not the best because the busses are often very full and the streets can be filled up with other cars for the time. A one-way ticket costs about $0.50. In this overcrowded town, the most convenient way to get around is by cab.

It' probably the best way to find your way around. Costs for a trip are in the range of $1.50/$3.00. If you travel a little longer, such as downtown Yangon International to Yangon International Center, the price is less than $4.50/$7.50. The town is considered the state' s administration, culture and economy-capitol.

It is a busy and spacious town with over 1 inhabitant. It is also an important traffic junction, which should be a stopover for many Myanmar tourist package tours. The motorcycle taxicab is a good way to get around Mandalay, which is a cheaper alternative to the auto-cab.

Typically, the costs of travelling within the cities are around $3.50. As well as taxi services, you can also rent a vehicle for the whole afternoon if you are in Mandalay or near sights outside the centre, such as Pyin Oo Lwin, a very scenic destination that is well deserved for a outing.

Rental costs for the entire rental period are typically around $75 per night, but may differ depending on the length of the trip and number of people. Travelers traveling with the Myanmar people have many ways to explore the land, such as by coach, rail, plane and minivan. Night buses are a favourite way to travel the long haul in Myanmar.

They' re particularly loved for travelling from Yangon to favourite places like Inle Lake and Bagan. There is also a frequent coach connection between towns such as Taunggyi to Loikaw and from Mandalay to Inle Lake. Another possibility to move around and generally to drive quite cheaply is the liner vehicle (converted trucks).

However, the open countryside of the truck, rough streets and tough seating will probably make your skin a little painful and powdery at the end of the ride.

In some large towns, however, the regular bus will be substituted by a state-of-the-art van for a more convenient and pleasant ride. An inexpensive and exciting way of getting around is by rail, but the terms and conditons are not the most convenient unless you are booking a first rate seating. This is however a very inexpensive means of transportation with the costs of a bus or tram often in the order of a few bucks.

While the fastest way to fly the longer route is on home routes, the cheap carriers are arriving slowly in Myanmar. An Air Asia trip from Bangkok to Myanmar, for example, can be around $50, but a once home trip in the UK is more likely to be $100.

Travelers looking for the most effective, fastest and dependable way to get around are sure to find it. In addition to the most common transport links, there are other ways to help Myanmar tourism, get to know the powdered beach, enchanting buddhistic sanctuaries and emerging greenery. One great way to see the best of Myanmar is a boat trip on the Myanmar canal.

You will find the luxurious cruise ships sailing from Bagan to Mandalay, the ferry in Yangon, the cano-like motor yachts in Inle Lake and the diving safaris in Myeik. Although the vessels are not the most effective way to get around, they offer the possibility to see and appreciate some of the beautiful landscapes that would otherwise be missed on the street or in the outdoors.

Ballooning is a great way to discover the wide plain of Bagan with its thousand of historical and interesting sanctuaries. Ballooning is a key tourist feature to attract more visitors to Myanmar and the view is breathtaking, stretching across the region's most beautiful monasteries and stupas. Enjoy the breathtaking view.

But the costs of the ballooning can be quite high. Costs for a one-hour flight in Bagan can be in the order of $300/$400 (varies depending on the airline and number of balloons passengers).

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