Getting around Myanmar

Travelling in Myanmar

There are four best ways to explore Myanmar: by plane, boat, bus or train. Very few international flights to Myanmar. It is possible to travel by plane or bus, rent a car with a guide or by boat and train. Explore a museum of famous Myanmar gemstones. Daily flights from Air Bagan, Yangon Airways, Air Mandalay and Myanmar Airways to Nyaung U Airport, Bagan.


Flights are an effective and relatively inexpensive way to get around Myanmar, and they are particularly attractive because coach and rail trips between the main touristic destinations are often lengthy and unpleasant. The Myanmar National Airline ( offers all important national flights as well as some remote locations. Among the privately-owned carriers are the following: AAir Mandalay (, Yangon Airways (, AAir KBZ (, Asian Wings Airways (, Golden Myanmar Airline ( and AAir Bagan (

This includes all major travel locations, with Heho (for Inle Lake) and Nyaung U (for Bagan). The Yangon lnternational Airport. Yangon: After Mandalay or Nyaung U (for Bagan) - 55 min; after Heho - 1h10min. Several of Myanmar's carriers had close ties with the Burmese army and some of their proprietors were sanctioned internationally.

Using moves slowly and unreliably, the street is the best way to get around if you have a budget. What are you looking for? However, it is remarkable that many itineraries are taboo for non-nationals - mostly when they pass through fragile frontier areas or areas where the regime is in dispute with militia of nationalities.

This high bureaucratic effort means that foreign nationals seldom rent self-propelled cars: they need a temporary permission and a native in the vehicle. Taxi services are easy to reach in Yangon, Mandalay and some other major towns and favourite travelers. Yangon has fixed rates for public transport.

Elsewhere, motorcycle taxi (where the passenger is a passenger) is more frequent, alongside pick-ups (small pick-ups with seats in the rear, walking routes) and bicycle rickshaw (which have a sidecar). In most cities, which are frequented by visitors, it is possible to rent bikes, mostly from accommodations or tourist agencies, although in some places (e.g. Bagan and Nyaungshwe) there are several seperate places of rent.

Bicycles are usually quite simple and/or old and are used for daily excursions and brief journeys in the city rather than for journeys lasting several days. Motocycles have been banished from the roads of CYangon. Some places, such as Bagan, where it is not permitted for rent.

We do not accept international driver's licenses, but an international driver's license can be redeemed for a valid driver's license at the Department for Road Transport and Administration in Yangon. The Yangon has a commuter train system, which is a good way to see everyday urbanity. Outdated and crowded buses also exist in some towns; more often there are pick-ups, small lorries with seats at the back that provide permanent coverage.

Unmeasured taxicabs, usually automobiles or motorcycles, are available in the towns, as are bicycle-rikschas. It is advisable to agree on tariff. Most of Myanmar is served by the state railways, the main line being Yangon-Mandalay (16 hours). Burma has approximately 8,000 km (5,000 miles) of shipping lanes, and one of the best ways to see the land is by canoe.

Mandalay-Bagan is the most favoured tour because it is used by tourists on a regular basis, but on other itineraries ( "Bhamo-Mandalay" for example) tourists go with local people instead. Some areas allow foreign nationals to transit by sea but not by road.

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