Getting around in Yangon

Travel in Yangon

Unfortunately, the best way to get around in this traffic-calmed city is by taxi. The best way to explore Yangon is often on foot. Taxis and public transport in Yangon. Taxis and public transport in Yangon. Domestic air traffic in Myanmar has improved, new aircraft - most of them with propeller drive instead of jet propulsion - are replacing older, less reliable models.

The best way to find your way around Yangon.

Yangon town centre has many walking trails, but certain places such as the Shwedagon Pagoda and Lake Inya are a little further from the town centre and can only be reached by road or cab. With this short guidebook, you'll find the best ways to get around Yangon so you can make the most of your urban life and enjoy travelling as comfortably as possible.

Hiring a rental vehicle is certainly the most comfortable and versatile way to get around Yangon. They are all import, well serviced and air-conditioned, and their chauffeurs are reliable and docile. The Yangon is almost all year round hot. It has an approximately 83ºF (28ºC) mean sea level and can have a maximum of 99ºF (37ºC).

These hot climatic events, combined with the fact that Yangon is a dirty and overburdened city, make it almost necessary for visitors to drive in an air-conditioned cars. He' ll know what to see and will take the best possible route to get you there so you don't have to be worried about finding out!

They will be delighted to share their lifestyle and cultures with you and will make sure that you have a good quality holiday during your visit to Yangon. As much or as little of your own free moment as you like, you can discover the town at your own speed.

All this makes travelling by personal vehicle, with trusted and well acquainted riders, the most desired one. Yangon, like most major Myanmar towns, has a taxi shuttle bus system. However, cabs are not necessarily inexpensive and most are not air-conditioned. Because Yangon is almost year-round hottest, travelling in a vehicle without AC is anything but perfect.

Whilst it is certainly quite simple to find cabs, one should realise that Yangon has really poor road conditions (especially in the evenings at peak hours) and most cab operators calculate separately (sometimes up to 30%) after sundown. Besides, not all cabbies in Yangon are fluent in English. When you want to make yourself comfortable, don't take a cab.

However, if you arrive by cab, we suggest that you arrange a rate with your chauffeur in advance, as most Yangon cabs are not counted. The use of busses in Yangon is another option, but we do not suggest it. They probably don't want to take the coach!

As Yangon's road network is very busy throughout the whole working days, Trinishaw riders are refusing to take longer trips. Travellers who like to drive in TRISHAVS should be alerted that TRISHAV riders have a reputable rip-off record and seldom, if ever, demand less than cabs. Yangon Circular Railway is a 28.5 mile (45.9 km) long loops system that links Yangon's satellites and suburbs to the town.

Getting on the round trip is very recommendable, as it provides our visitors with an unforgettable impression of the town and its fortresses. Visitors can book a one-hour round trip to meet local people and get a glimpse of Yangon's world. The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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