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Travel in Burma

It is a fun way to explore Bagan, to rent an ox cart with driver for the whole day. The e-bike is the best way to get around. The infrastructure in southern Myanmar (Burma) is poor, especially in the deep south. Maybe the biggest concern of travelers to Burma is the money situation. The riverboat is an older, more natural way to explore the country.

In Myanmar: 9 modes of transport

Lots of travellers want to know how to get around Myanmar? It didn't felt easy for a woman travelling alone without a guide or a fixed itinerary to find her way around Myanmar..... not at all. The use of Burma's transport system has always felt quite effective and secure. Though I didn't have a good opportunity to try the platoon or the long-distance craft, what I was experiencing was unexpectedly good and sometimes weird.

Burma can be one-of-a-kind. What is the best way to arrange your transport in Myanmar? Not many travel agencies I've seen. But, on the other hand, I didn't have the feeling it was necessary to have her. Ask your local guest house or your local hotels about transport and what you can do, including timetables for long-distance coaches.

When you move to another town, they'll get your coach for you. Toss the Burmese the booking balls and they will help you make your Myanmar journey a stress-free one. Whilst Myanmar hostels and accommodation will receive a fee from their reservations, but it will not damage your pocket. The cost is quite low and may be similar to Laos and Cambodia.

Which modes of transport will you find in Myanmar? Here is a list of the 9 modes of transport I took in Myanmar and how much I pay. Would you like more advice on travelling in Myanmar? My favourite movies, arts and travelling video are to show you that travelling is possible at any time!

Travel in Bagan

You have several ways to get around Bagan. It is a funny way to explore Bagan, to rent an animal carriage with chauffeur for the whole outing. Drivers know the area and take you to the temple of your choosing without you having to find your own way.

One car with chauffeur should be around US$ 15 to 20 for a whole days, some will be negotiated. The Ochsenkarren is suited for 2 persons, relatively comfortably and outside of the light. In some remote places it can be hard to cycle in the sand as if you were on rails.

Bicycles can be hired for just over US$ 1 per night. Before going out, put on a lot of sunscreen and waterproof. One convenient way to get around Bagan without being constantly in the hot summer breeze is to hire a vehicle or delivery truck with a chauffeur. This should be about 50 - 60 US$ for one days.

Ballooning is a one-of-a-kind way to see the grandeur of the plain and its thousand pagoda and temple sites. The price of a one-hour trip should be between $250 and $300.

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