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Find out how to get to Myanmar by public transport, taxi and car in our guide. Burma Transport information on how to get to Myanmar: by plane, train, car etc. There are five ways to get around Myanmar that you need to experience. Travel in Myanmar Burma. " This is Burma and it's different from any other country you know.


Burma Travel Advice

The number of travelers to Burma has grown since Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy (NLD) advised that the Burma tourist embargo be removed in 2010. The NLD, however, calls on the tourist industry to block packages and cruise ships, as they are more likely to be used by the governing authorities than by the locals, so here are some advice on how to move around in isolation.

Burma is still in its early stages of development in the tourist industry, so there are not so many main roads and in some places there is a shortage of accommodation. Flying is the simplest and fastest way to explore Burma, but it can be an expense. For long-haul travel, we used inexpensive buses that were usually packaged with both natives and other people.

These are some general hints to help you find your way around Burma: There are four major destinations between Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Lake Inle, but they are costly. Have a look at the range of facilities provided by the properties, such as the Motherland Inn 2 in Yangon, which offers a free transfer from the Aiport. Myanmar's moves are slooowwww, costly and hurtful and owned well by the reigning army jungle, so we felt it was best to avoid them.

You' ll have a bathroom and a washbasin in one go. Yangon's central coach terminal is about an hours from the city and it takes about 6 to get there by cab. All our transportation was arranged via the hotels where we stayed overnight; the transportation was usually less expensive than in neighboring Thailand.

Here is what we pay per capita for the following trips through Burma in February and March 2014. We took a cab to Bangkok International from Khao San Road a few hour before our plane ride, we got there and our driver was there.

Returning we got the free shuttles from our hotels and spent a few minutes waiting at the airfield before we flew back to Thailand. We made this trip once; we departed our hotels around 6 pm. He took a cab 30 (£6) and was waiting at the coach terminal for about an hour and a half before reaching our 21st birthday.

The next day at 06.00 o'clock. From the Mandalay hotels we were collected and deposited directly in front of our guest house in Bagan. We made this trip once; we exited our guest house around 07.30 o'clock and were brought to the coach terminal and transferred to the 08.

At about 2 pm we reached our guest house. We made this trip once, we reserved a few nights in advanced through our hotels. At 08.00 o'clock the coach collected us from our guest house and we were set down around 16.00 o'clock. Nyaungshwe is the place where most visitors remain when they visit Lake Inle, about 10 km away is Shwenyaung, where the locals stop by coach and rail.

When you take a taxi/private vehicle, you can drive all the way across the Nyaungshwe, while you have to organise transportation by boat or rail from Shwenyaung to Nyaungshwe, which can costs another £4 to £6 where to? Whereever you want, for example from one guest house in Kalaw to another in Nyaungshwe.

We made this trip once; every village coach that overtook us was too full, so we accepted the proposal of a personal vehicle from a need to wait locally at the depart. After £12 we arrive at our Nyaungshwe accommodation an hours later. Kalaw's road to Shwenyaung.

When we waited at the stop we saw a full coach-passport. Kalaw Railway to the railway stop Shwenyaung. Arriving at the railway at 10 o'clock. Sitting at the checkout for about 45 mins, I was awaiting to buy my seats and could not get any further.

Finally we found out that the parade was late and could possibly be canceled. Employees could not give us a ticket until they knew which places were available; this was hard because they called the last stop for information.

A travel agency in downtown Nyaungshwe to Aung Mingalar Highway Railway Terminal, Yangon. We made this trip once; we made bookings through our hotels for £13.40 each. When we were 18 years old we were collected from our hotels. and got to Yangon coach terminal the next day at 06:00.

After that we payed 6 to get to our Yangon hotels where we got a free breakfest while we were waiting to arrive. To find out how to get around in other Southeast Asia please visit this page. Have you got any advice for traveling in Burma?

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