Getting a Visa for Burma

Applying for a visa to Burma

I picked up my tourist visa for Myanmar today, where I'm going this Saturday. There is a Burmese embassy where you can apply for a four-week tourist visa. Receive a residence permit and a special re-entry visa for several trips. Obtaining your visa to Myanmar should be no problem, especially if you know where to get it and how to get it. When you go on a business trip to Burma (Myanmar), you will need a business visa.

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Thought I shared my experiences with getting a visa. I' d been reading the TA forum and was a little worried about the amount of inconvenience it would take because I only had 2 wks before the trip. So I needed a touristic visa, not a business visa, so the check-in was not an optional part.

Also, the e-visa feature does not work and the message has acknowledged this. Embassy website says it will take 28 up. They called Myanmar's embassy in Canberra and said that 2 week would be enough for them. I' ve completed the application documents (available on their website and sent my pass and 2 pictures and the application via certified mailed.

I' also got $35 in hard currency for the visas they pay. The next morning I called to acknowledge the reception, which they immediately confirmed and said it would take about 10 working nights. I' m supposed to call her in 10 working nights to see what her progress is. However, it was not necessary because my pass came back before I had to call.

Time line was I sent it over night on Thursday 30 January, and I got it back on Tuesday 11 February ie the entire trial was less than 2 week. She was very supportive (didn't get her name) and I could assert myself easy in the mornings.

I' m very glad to have my pass back! It' so simple to get your Myanmar visas now, consider the city of Canberra as one of the best, fastest and most effective... click on the "visa" 3: Sent my $35 payment order along with my passport/photos/application forms to the Dispatch in Canberra on April 23, and it reached the Dispatch on April 28, which was a Monday (25th was Anzac and 26/27th was the weekend).

In a panic I phoned the consulate on May 2 (Friday) and the woman said that the visas should be issued until the midweek after and she is not sure where everyone had the thought that the visas would last 4-6 weeks! To cut a long story short, on May 5 (Monday) the message sent me my pass (I kept checking my tracing number from my fast envelope) and I got it the next morning on May 6.

In summary I can say that I sent my pass on April 23 (Wednesday), it came 2 working nights later on April 28 (Monday). Mayday ( "Thursday") was a feast day in Myanmar, so the message was over. My visas will be in my hands again on 6 May (Tuesday). Thus, the entire procedure took 7 working days (or 13 working day inclusive 2 bank and 4 working day for the weekend).

I left on May 18 (Sunday), so post of something on April 23 was probably not the best thing..... a little gambling, but it did pay off. Messenger times are longer, so if you decide to go to Myanmar in a single calendar year, it' obvious that it' s important. There was no problem with that, as I had done the same (with a cashier's check) for visa applications from other states in Canberra.

Afterwards I sent this off with my aplication, only to get a fairly short e-mail from the Embassy over a weeks says they would only take AUD. Even though I was very near when I went, I got my visas back. Being on reflexion around $75 for express there and back, plus around $40 for the Visa, I would consider the choice for organizing this through a tourist agent.

Myanmar's message in Canberra is clearly doing a good work. Nice turn from the message in Canberra. Sent them my pass, and he got to them on Monday. It' s quite good for 5 working nights, considering they tell you it will take them 4 working years!

It' s the message site says that requests should be sent 4 wks before departing, so that where did get those ideas out. They said I had been out of the country very long before my date of travel (October 2013). If I could suggest for NZ Pass holder who apply, you should really plan at least 6 week - it can take up to 5 business day to organize a cheque in aussie dollar from your NZ Central Exchange then NZ Post cited 5-7 business day to post it by certified letter to Canberra.

You will then have to allow the four week period indicated on the website of the consulate - I was informed that the number of visas will rise from the middle of the year and the period of treatment will be longer. In addition, another 5 working nights for the returns. They can reduce on a temporary basis by $AU35 US currency to the consulate along with your Passport etc; 2-3 day messenger period and only a few more bucks than enrolled post.

Simply call the number on the website and for the inhabitants of Canberran you can hand in your pass and make your payment in bar between 9 pm and 3 pm. They' ll also give you a telephone call so you can get your visas. If you do not read the directions, you can request the permit only 3 month before departure.

It took about 3 and a half hours to get our permits (can take up to 5 working hours between here and the eastern shore - one way!). I' m fortunate enough to be in Canberra and yes, the message here makes it so simple. Hand in your papers and $35 in currency and they phoned less than a fortnight later to collect your passport with a passport holder's permit.

You were happy to take printouts of our flight, bring Melbourne back to Bangkok, then 2 nights later to Mandalay and then from Yangon back to Bangkok as proof for ticket and so on.

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