Getting a Visa for Burma

Applying for a visa to Burma

Fill out the visa application form (available on the website of the Embassy of Myanmar) Completed the work history form (the form can also be found on the website of the Embassy of Myanmar) A copy of your flight route or a letter from your tour operator. Two passport photos are required. In addition, you will need a photocopy of your passport. How do I get a Schengen visa? How do I get my visa to Burma?

Obtaining a Thai touristic visa in Yangon

It is not a particularly inexpensive and comfortable place for a fast visa from Thailand, but if you are looking for a simple Thai visa and have enough free travel to Thailand, you can mix your stay in Yangon with a journey to one of the most interesting South East Asian states.

Bangkok-Yangon is a little over an hours long and costs less than $100. You will of course need a Myanmar Tourism Visa - readily available in Bangkok for about 800 Bahts. There are good transportation connections throughout the whole state, but in general you need your pass and visa for things like check-in at a hotel and purchase of railckets.

One copy may be enough, but since the processing period for the visa in Yangon is one working full working week - you pick it up in the mornings and pick it up the next working week - it is best to make arrangements before the move. That means you should try to schedule your trip for two working nights in a row - cancel your pass on a Friday and you will not receive it until Monday afternoons.

Monday is probably the busy Monday to cancel your pass and note both the Thailand and Burma holiday, as the destination is not open on these sunday. If you are not ready, you will probably be rejected and will have to come back the next time.

You can find the current requirement schedule on the website of the Thai Ambassador, but by and large you will need to bring: - your visa. You will find the message near the Shwedagon Pagoda. Ambassador's taking calls until 11:30, so no hurry. On a Friday mornings at 8:50 in the mornings I came to about 20 other queued up ( "mostly natives with a few other Westerners").

Unlike the Bangkok embassy in Burma, groups of persons are permitted to enter a shady patio first and then the visa bureau itself. Somebody should give you more documentation to fill in - you need to keep a log of the invoices you are using.

First you submit your request and validate the visa you apply for. You will then receive your receipts with date and hour for collecting your pass. Arrived at 1:45 pm, I went directly to the Thai Foreign Office and exchanged my voucher for my pass with a glossy new Thai visa!

There'?s no wait, no ado. As soon as you have your visa, the Feel Restaurants is about a five minutes walking distance away!

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