Getting a Burmese Visa in Bangkok

Get a Burmese visa in Bangkok

They'll pick it up in the afternoon. NOTE: You will receive a stamp in your passport before entering the country. Obtaining your visa to Myanmar should be no problem, especially if you know where to get it and how to get it. Must this be done in an embassy in Bangkok? Burmese VISA Application in Bangkok and Simple Guide to Obtaining a Burmese VISA (tourist VISA).

Up-to-date information on obtaining a Myanmar virus in Thailand

Visas in Bangkok are really simple. Appear at the Myanmar Mission before 9:00 am (the line begins to form around 7:00 am). This line-up was a little bewildering, because a metric-tonne of the natives (or maybe also Myanmarers) were already set up in a different row than the one we had to be in.

We were - directly in front of a locked metallic gate under the writing VISA SECTION and posed the next to it. Complete the form, which I suggest you do when you're in line. You' re not getting a number until you fill out the form, and I didn't see any empty form in it when we got in.

There' s a mini van that prints, copies, photographs etc. that will sell the 5-hectare ticket. Please take a crayon and 2 photographs and a color copy of your pass. As soon as the door opens, show your filled out application to get a number, and as soon as your number appears on the screen, take everything to the switch and hand it over together with your pass.

Expedited visa rates were much higher than what we had seen on-line. On the same date the visa is 1490 BHt, the next date it is 1350 and the normal 2-day process is 800, so if you have the free moment, this is much less expensive.

Obtaining a Burmese (Myanmar) in Bangkok Visas

Obtaining a Burmese (Myanmar) in Bangkok may seem tricky because there is a great deal of contradictory information, but the trial is not quite as tough as some would have us believe. Obtaining the visas is fairly easy, but making sure you have all the necessary documentation is important.

From the date of secondment, the tourist visas were abandoned on arriving, so a prior visas is necessary. Official documentation necessary to obtain a visas is: It will take two working day (i.e. submitting a form on Monday mornings, the visas will be available for collection on Wednesday afternoons).

Identical daily travel permits are available in the following form: flight ticket departures within 48 hrs and costing 1,260 Bahts, and next days services are available for 1,035 Bahts. Be there early, as only that many visits are handled per days and you need a number.

Visas open from 9:00-12:00 and 15:30-16:30. If you are an assistant or reporter (or have things in your job record that suggest you once were or may be), you may want to consider a fresh look at your past.

Waiting for your number to be phoned, then get interviews and start paying the cost of your visas. There are no serious doubts asked of most candidates in the interviews (it happens at the windows, not in a closed room in the basement), but they may need to verify your flight itineraries.

On the specified date, go back to the Swiss Federal Foreign Office and collect your visas. When you need an expedited entry permit, you must have a hard copy of your airline tickets. Myanmar has a lot of festivities (as we have learnt with great effort.... twice), which includes all of Burma's and Thailand's festivities, plus a few additional chance dates for a good deed.

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