Getting a Burmese Visa in Bangkok

Get a Burmese visa in Bangkok

You can do it here if you decide to do it online. Visa is exactly the same. I am currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and will travel to Burma in the next few weeks. It is easy to find the embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok. To enter Vietnam you need a visa.

A Myanmar Visa in Bangkok. How do I get one?

Myanmar, once an unspoilt tourist country, is quickly becoming the not so secret jewel of Southeast Asia. Although it is becoming increasingly popular, getting a visa to Myanmar can still be quite upsetting. In this sense, it is my personal experiance to get a Myanmar visa in Bangkok, including information about where to go, what to take and what to look for.

About Bangkok? Since the Embassy of Myanmar in Thailand is based in the country's capitol, it is the only place where you can personally apply for your Myanmar visa in Bangkok while in the "Land of Smiles". They can apply for their Myanmar visa, but many travellers decide to get their Myanmar visa in Bangkok because they do not have to part with their passport.

I was in Chiang Mai looking for my Myanmar visa through a tourist office. Though it would have been simpler to have someone else do it, it would have been more than twice as much as my Myanmar visa in Bangkok itself. The Embassy of Myanmar is at 132 Sathorn Nua Road and is open from 9:00 to 12:00 (casual) to apply for the visa and then pick up from 15:30 to 16:30.

You will need the following for your Myanmar visa in Bangkok: You will find several stores along the road outside the Myanmar Embassy that offer this services and help with completing the form. Here is a good things to get your Myanmar visa in Bangkok:

It took about 1h45 to get my Myanmar visa in Bangkok - 1h to hand it in and 45 mins. to collect it. It was a rather small discomfort compared to the great Myanmar experienced me and his kind hosts. Thought about Myanmar visa in Bangkok?

Get your Myanmar visa in Bangkok

In spite of the supposed visa upon your entry, which is published on Myanmar government web sites, the Embassy of Myanmar in Thailand is your best choice for a visa to Myanmar (outside your home country). Myanmar's embassy in Bangkok is dependable and can be quick if you're in a rush. You will receive the necessary copies of your visa and your booking (only necessary for expedited visa on the same day).

They can collect the Myanmar visa request here for a few Bahts and fill out at the desks here or while you wait in line for the opening of the visa section. By the time I got back with my visa request a few moments later, the line had crossed 40.

In spite of the numbers, it took me about 15 min. to get into the air-conditioned lounge. I submitted my resume to window 1 in 30 min, the administrator checked for everything that was lacking, she stuck the photograph on (the copy centre even contained a paper clip with the resume for the second photograph I needed).

And she asked me why I needed an expedited visa. From a technical point of view, they do not have to exist if you have no evidence of the need to hurry it (i.e. a plane that departs too early for you to wait). On the same date I had a plane to Vietnam and my Myanmar plane, which was too near my plane back to Bangkok to get a visa.

I had both routes to show them, but later that afternoon I found other travellers who had just taken the forthcoming paperless trip. This petition asked for an adress in Myanmar. I' ve already had a booking (with free cancellation); others have only provided a likely city.

To obtain a visa you must enclose a brief curriculum vitae. Once the administrator confirms in the first screen that you have completed everything necessary and completed all formalities, you will be given a number and you will be waiting to go to screen 2 to make the payment. That was another five-minute waiting period for me.

There is no guaranty that you will have it, only money (Thai Baht) and precise exchange plans. By the time the hatch opened, it was moving quickly as the line was divided into regular visa (window 1), expedited visa (window 2 and the clear majority on that date ) and commercial visa (window 4). In spite of the long line, I was inside and to the desk in less than 15 min. to pick up in another 15 min., so I had to sit 30 min. until the opening of the gates at 3:30 pm.

Usually it will take two working or one working week for a charge and the expedited visa (as indicated here) for an additional charge. Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok is closing on Thai and Myanmar bank and bank holiday.

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