German Rex Cat

Rex German Cat

Find out more about the German Rex cat breed with information about its origin, personality traits, physical characteristics and what it is like to live with it. German Rex is another breed with short, sparsely wavy fur, which is available in all colours and patterns. Thinking about buying a Devon Rex? A medium sized cat is muscular and athletic without being rough. German Rex cat is a breed of domestic cat.

The German Rex was born. Rexes were first shown in 1960 and quickly expanded from Germany to France, England and the United States. There has been a period of disorientation about the separated natures of the Devon Rex, the Corny Rex and the German Rex. Once the cordish and german rex were crossed, they were found to be hereditary.

In contrast to Rex-Devon Rex breeds, which resulted in only just lined catkins, Rex-German Rex breeds produce curled lined males. Some parts of Europe some of them can attribute their pedigree to German Rex Fondationals. Because of the genetical similarities between the German Rex and the German Rex, the German Rex is no longer cultivated as an independent race in many different states.

Nowadays, the race is also seldom in Germany.

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