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Rex German

Find out more about German Rex cats and kittens, look at pictures of German Rex cats and learn more about the personality, size and history of German Rex. German Rex has an independent but at the same time cuddly character. The German Rex is a medium-sized breed with slender, medium-length legs. Discover the life span of German Rex with pictures, origin and history. A curly-haired cat that knows how to win you over.

Rex German Personality, Story and Images

Like the name already says, this cattery comes from Germany. It' has a remarkable similarity to the famous Cornish Rex. But the German Rex is not as famous as the Cornish Rex. Even though it' muscle, it' s a lot bigger than the Cornish Rex. German Rex is also gifted with well developped cheekbones, big hearing and loving, attentive sighted.

However, the most striking characteristic of the German Rex is its long, velvety fur with extreme shortness of cap. In contrast to Cornish Rex, the awning fibres are thickier than the underwool. This makes the cats look woolly. The German Rex is actually so smart that it can be trained to execute acrobatics on cues.

Even though the race needs little care, it must be bathed regularly so that its skins do not become too greasy. German Rex enjoys working with his owner and being as near to humans as possible throughout the workday. Shorthaired German Rex does not need much care.

Since the German Rex females do not have the coat to take up oily feces, they are slightly oily and often have to be soaked. German Rex is not susceptible to certain medical condition or affects more than any other kittens. You can trace the story of this female back to the mid-1940s (some argued in 1946, others said 1947 or 1948).

It was not taken seriously by most growers until 1951, after the Cornish Rex was found in 1950. The first German Rex, according to expert opinion, was a wild, black-coloured kitten that was found just after the end of the Second World War. Lamb had the same undulated hairy genes that are common in Cornish Rex females and have given birth to many offspring over the years.

Out of this breeding the first kitten of German Rex was born. Over the years more and more German Rex crabs arose. Two Rex monkeys, Marigold and Jet, began a new venture when they were brought to the United States in 1960. Those pussycats lay the foundations for the Rex race in America.

Up until 1979, the Cat Lovers Association only recognised kittens that resulted from an association of Cornish and German Rexs. Cornish Rex still aroused further interest, while German Rex still took part in exhibitions in his home country in the 1980s. However there are fewer German Rex females today.

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