German Embassy Yangon Visa Appointment

Yangon Visa Appointment

Wellcome to the online appointment system of the German Embassy in Yangon. You can only arrange visa appointments at the German Embassy online here. If you apply for a visa at a Dutch embassy or consulate, you must pay a fee. The complete list of required documents and the Schengen visa application form can be found here. Please jump to submit your application personally to the German Embassy in Manila.

When and where can you apply for a visa?

When and where can you apply for a visa? All visa seekers resident in Thailand and other visa seekers required to come to Bangkok (see Long-Sati Visa,...) must apply to the Visa Applications Centre (VAC) and not to the Embassy from 21.11.2016.

You can find the contact details and all further information on the convenient procedures for applying for a visa (booking an appointment,...) here or by telephone at the VFS call centre in Belgium: +66 (02) 118 7002. Please direct all your queries regarding appointments, the courier/postal processes.... to VFS.

We confidence that this working methodology through a scheduling system will be an important milestone in the overall service we provide. You are advised to apply for a visa one months before your date of travel, but please note the turnaround times (see chapter): Verification of your visa request and visa process time).

Applicants must apply themselves. You should complete the on-line registration request at We do not accept a manually filled out questionnaire. Applicants must complete all regularisations of formalities by the Embassy before applying for a visa. Your resume can only be submitted three month before your scheduled date of your stay.

Remark: In accordance with Art. 17.5 of the Community Code on Visas, the Embassy retains the option for all visa seekers to submit their application directly to the Embassy. If this is the case, an appointment must be applied for by e-mail to Pursuant to Art. 9.2, the appointment is normally made within a two-week time limit from the date on which it was made.

On the way to Denmark

It is part of the Schengen area in Europe and a short-stay visa for Denmark is a Schengen visa. The Schengen visa is granted for a brief period of residence of less than 90 nights in Denmark and other Schengen states and does not give the holders the right to remain or work in Denmark.

Since June 1, 2016, the German Embassy in Yangon has been processing Schengen visa requests to Denmark. People of Myanmar need a visa to travel to Denmark. You can find out here which other countries require a visa to travel to Denmark. Since 1 June 2016, the German Embassy in Yangon has represented Denmark in visa issues in Myanmar and therefore processes visa requests for shorter visits of less than 90 working day in Denmark.

You can find comprehensive information on how to obtain a Schengen visa on the website of the German Embassy. Myanmar citizens who wish to obtain a residence visa for Denmark must observe the German Embassy's Schengen visa application regulations at the German Embassy in Yangon.

In order to obtain a visa, you must make an appointment and complete the on-line visa request here. You can only make an appointment for a visa at the German Embassy here on-line. In order to have enough free space to process your job applications, you must make an appointment at least 4 week before your scheduled date of arrival.

As of 1 June 2016, all queries regarding Denmark's short-stay visa should be addressed to the German Embassy in Yangon. German Embassy in Yangon processes visa requests only in conjunction with up to 90 -day Danish missions. Candidates who wish to remain in Denmark for more than 3 month, e.g. in the context of studies or work, must personally request a residency visa at the Danish Embassy in Bangkok.

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