German Embassy in Yangon Myanmar

Embassy of Germany in Yangon Myanmar

Entries are accepted at the German Embassy in Yangon. Information about the German Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Your contacts, address, phone numbers, e-mail and working hours. Embassy of Germany in Yangon, Myanmar. Please contact the German Embassy in Yangon.

German Embassy in Yangon

German Embassy in Yangon - Myanmar. German Embassy. Informations about the German Embassy's German Consulate in Yangon. Visas, passes, consular declarations, legalization of documentation and much more. You can find general information about the German Embassy in Myanmar. There is no contact with the German Embassy or the German Embassy's Visumabteilung in Yangon.

In addition to the promotion of German politics and German civilization, it is a very important challenge to put German technological centers abroad in the spotlight.

10 million Euro German grants Near-Road Grants

In a declaration in Yangon, the German embassy said that the German federal budget has been increased by 10 million euros for the areas affected by the flooding in northern Myanmar. The German ambassador in Myanmar, Christian-Ludwig Weber-Lortsch, said: "The fight against extreme poverty in the countryside is a focus of our work. We' re not printing papers, we' re keeping our promises: on the spot, with the authorities and for the population.

It will be run by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development. KfW Entwicklungsbank will carry out the joint implementation of the German side of the projekt.

Job offer at the German Embassy

Candidates must provide a full CV, an up-to-date photograph, a copy of all the applicant's education and training records, evidence of achievement in all past activities and the name of and contacts to two of them. Applicants must submit their application to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany by 15 June 2016 at the latest.

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The DAAD primarily provides support in Myanmar for the vocational development of prospective professors and academic experts and executives from the industrial sector. There is also an increasing need for specialist partnership between higher educational establishments and the continuing professional development of higher educational management. An increasing number of German HEIs are turning their focus to Myanmar and are concluding cooperations, among them the Cologne and Göttingen Unviersities and several Baden-Württemberg Unversities.

The state of Baden-Württemberg has been promoting scholarly exchanges between institutes in Baden-Württemberg and Myanmar since 2015 and also awards its own grants. Between 2012 and 2014, the DAAD sponsored a long-term teaching position for geographical studies at Yangon Unversity, which strengthened the scientific exchanges with the Unversity of Cologne on a permanent basis. There is a strong need for college management trainings at Myanmar colleges.

DAAD has reacted to this with its DIES-Programs. Around 700 German university graduates in Myanmar are now successfully active in the scientific, economic and political spheres. You are the perfect contact for anyone interested in studying or doing research in Germany.

Graduates have formed the German Alumni Association Myanmar (GAAM). Every year, the GAAM organises an DAAD-supported annual graduate program on a particular topic. DAAD's most important partner in Myanmar is the Goethe Institute and the German Embassy in Yangon.

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