German Cat Breeds

Breeds of German cats

In the following list of cat breeds only domestic cat breeds and domestic cat hybrids are included. English Rex, East Germany, Mutation, Rex, German Rex Emi.jpg. The litter became the basis of the German breed Rex. There has been confusion for a while about the separate nature of the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex and the German Rex.

These are the best and most popular cat breeds in Australia.


Inconsistent racial classifications between registers means that a single pet can be regarded by different registers as different breeds. TICA's Himalan, for example, is regarded by CFA as a colour point variant of hersium, while CFA's Javanese is regarded by TICA as a colour variant of Balinese. Indigenous short-haired and native long-haired cat species are not breeds, but concepts used (with different spellings) in the cat world to describe a general fur-length cat that does not fit into a particular race.

"It' s a complete listing of all cat breeds. "and hybrids." "Races". "thecatsite." "Popular Cat Breeds." "Popular Cat Breeds".

up to 7 cat breeds from Europe

Cat have been around the globe for millennia and different breeds have evolved in different places. We will present some of Europe's finest cat breeds here. Burma's origin is relatively little known, but it is believed that the race was mainly originated in France. However, the forefathers of the race come from Burma (today Thailand) and give their name to the race.

They have been brought to France, where the breeding standards have been established. Bottom click on page 2 for the next race! Chartreux is a cat race from France. Today the race is seldom and is not recognised by all breeding associations. They' re smart kitties who are great members of the whole group.

German Rex was designed in Germany with a curled fur from a hereditary gene modification. A number of references to Rex breeds exist in Germany, but the first two breeds deliberately raised to set a breed level were raised in 1957. They' re very frisky and smart. Aegean cat is a native of the Cyclades of Greece in the Aegean Sea.

In Greece they are ordinary wildcat, but are also one of the oldest house males. This race is a Hellenic nationhood. Norwegian Forest Cat is a natural designed house cat from Norway. Because of their outstanding abilities they were often used as farmer-feet.

Angora is an old, unspoilt cat race from Turkey. As early as 1600 it was recorded and is considered the forebear of many longhaired and whitey kittens. They' re fun and smart females who are intimately associated with their owner. Ukrainian Levkoy is a very special race of house pets which has been created in Ukraine.

Born from crossing Donskoy kittens with Scotch folds. They' are smart and energetic and they are great pet owners and even enjoy the companionship of other domestic animals.

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