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The International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders. Look and coat description The German Angora looks quite the same as the giant Angora. Cultivating German and German hybrid angora rabbits. Angora German rabbits in Hampden, Maine. Can you explain German and German hybrid angoras?

Thursday, 14 April: For those who arrive earlier, there is an option to test bunnies for register.

Thursday, 14 April: For those who arrive earlier, there is an option to test bunnies for register. The entire enrolment process will be conducted at Rosalie's Labadie Ranch. In case you are planning to test bunnies on Thursday, please inform Erin Maclean, registry secretary, as soon as possible. Friday, 15 April: Saturday, 16 April: Sunday, 17 April: Every single day you choose your bunnies for your kennel, every single day you buy a bunny and every single day you choose which bunny to keep in a kitten and which to buy - you become the judges of your own one.

This course tells us more about the story of German Angora in Europe and how it has been acclaimed for centuries as the yarn produced by Uber-Angora for its outstanding fibre sourcing. You' ll get to know the German system of objectives for quantified assessment. You always wanted to try to dye, but were too scared?

Did you already try to dyestuff fibres but did not achieve the desired results? How is the dying of angora fibres different from other fibres? While we will concentrate on the colouring of angora fibres, our debate will also cover other fibres of animals. The students learn how to make colorants, how to make the fibre and how to dyestuff the fibre.

You can dyestuff angora fibers in their various raw and woven shapes and dyestuff a set of angora stockings that every student can take home with them. It is open to all dyeworks classes, whether you are a novice or a dyer. Colouring is a lot of pleasure and very bodily.

Please take a knit/crochet design with you ("Angora" if possible) to show and tell while we wait for the paint to boil. Dr. David Messina has worked in computer science and genetic engineering for the last 19 years. Mr. Becker studied molekular biological and anthropogenetics at the University of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis and received his Ph. D. in Computer Biotechnology from Erik Sonnhammer's laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden.

As he grew older, he observed the genetic makeup of animal husbandry increasing dramatically. Using AI you can form your own breed schedule into a fine balanced programme. I' ve used AI on cows, ovine, caprine and rabbit. In the end I did my Master in Reproduction and Science of Science in Science.

Whilst the little child in me is still asking me to fool around with GM and develop AI techniques that ranchers can use on the farms. My aim is for the avarage individual to be able to raise the best pets during the leasing period by using AI and genetics.

After working with the Whole Foods Market bunny growers, I started farming programmes with the growers to satisfy market demands. By using AI we share the genetic makeup within the producers' cooperative to achieve a unified one. We deal with the number of several thousand female animals in our manufacturing and establish an EBV system (estimated breed values) for the pairing of the female in order to achieve the highest possible output with the least input.

When I grew up on a cattle ranch, I began to see the benefits of using AI. Bunnies with their brief generation, they were the ideal beast for the profits. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Master in Animals Reproduction/Genetics and decided to support humans in the application of in vitro fertilization in their breedings.

The AGM takes place at Rosalie's Grand Army Farm, near Labadie, MO.

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