Geographical Location of Myanmar

Myanmar's geographical location

Which kind of government does Myanmar have? The Pagan and Mandalay are here. Burmese refer to the dry zone as Upper Burma, although geographically it lies in the middle of the country. Its territory is the centre of national agriculture. Burma is located in Southeast Asia.

About Burma

It is dominated by the Irrawaddy System, the nearby valley and the huge deltas of the Rio to the souther. On the Shan Plateau in the eastern part, where the mean altitude is 3,200 feet, the far northern part of the island is rising steeply into a southerly part of the Himalayas-mountains.

Its highest point is the Hkakabo Razi, which reaches its peak at 5,881 metres (19,294 feet). Which kind of government does Myanmar have? In Myanmar (Burma), which language is spoken?

Burma - geography and maps

Myanmar has 51,419,420 inhabitants and an area of about 676,578 square kilometers. It' s between Bangladesh and Thailand with India and China in the northern part. Burma is a lands of rolling countryside and rolling countryside. It' also a mountain nation with mountain chains in the northern, eastern and western parts of the state.

There are three major massifs: the Arakan Yoma and Bago Yoma and Shan Plateaux. Arakan Yoma has summits between 915 meters (3,000 ft) and 1,525 meters (5,000 ft). Bago Yoma is a low hilly ridge in the heart of Myanmar.

Mount Popa is the highest point in the mountains at 1,518 meters (4,980 feet). Shan Plateau is situated in the east of Myanmar and has an average altitude of 914 meters (3,000 feet). Though thinly settled, the Shan Plateau is the main spring for Sapphire and Ruby in Myanmar. Hkakabo Razi in the north of Myanmar is the highest point in Myanmar.

Hakabo Razi belongs to a remote part of the Great Himalayas and at 5,881 metres (19,295 feet) is the highest point in Southeast Asia. Inside the mountains lie the shallow Ayeyarwaddy, Chindwin and Sittaung River dales, which make up most of Myanmar's farmland and people.

The Irrawaddy, Salween and Seftaung Rivers are three major rivers in Myanmar. Irrawaddy is the longest of the rivers and has a length of approx. 2,170 km. Irrawaddy is one of Myanmar's most important geographical characteristics, as it is surrounded by an exceptionally rich area.

There' s 3,000 km of shipping in Myanmar. An enormous navy of fluvial ships, remains of the old Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, flows through the countryside's streams. Nearly half of Myanmar is forest cover. North Highland consists of oaks, pines and many species of rhododendrons. There are many species of fruit in Myanmar's coastline, which include various types of tropic fruit such as lemon, banana, mango and guava.

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