At one of the petrol stations they meet a woman who, after the baby she carries in her womb, is nicknamed "Gentila's mother". story line In the 1950s, three of them lived in search of someone to be loved. Bennie fell in romance with his best friend's little sister. That' all. Yudale and Momo take turns assembling Bentzi's overseas cousins, but Yudale and they stay together.

And Momo lifts the benchmark even higher by demonstrating the rumours about an older, jam-packed pianist, Fritzi.

But Bentzi is looking for romance. These adolescents' life revolves around it.


A little felon who gets a gig from his probation worker to adorn thirty petrol station in the three day period before Independence Day. His youngest brothers Yitzhak'le and Haim Shoshanna, an escapee prisoner who is linked to Gadi from her past, accompany him on his trip from Tel Aviv to the northeast in a lorry full of banners.

At one of the petrol station they encounter a young lady who, after the infant she carries in her mothers wombs, is called " Gentilas Mutter ". They are invited by Gadi to join them. Yitzhak'le is drawn to her by the mystical stranger's chastity and chastity, Gadi is in lover with her and Shoshanna fights with her and then rapes her.

Shoshanna "sells" her to him for a weapon and a chain. Shoshana is handed over to the cops by Gadi. As the crowd sets out to mark Independence Day, Gadi and his brothers are returning to Tel Aviv in an empty semi.


In" Gentila", a soft Israel Roadmovie, three vulnerable, run-down youngsters and a villain encircle the land in a transporter and hang banners at petrol station for Independence Day. It' s difficult to determine the politics here, but that's probably the best thing, because the Aud' can concentrate on the characters' attempt to unite.

This is a respectable first Agor Shif movie and should find a grateful public at Israel movie shows, with maybe a few small filmmakers. Nir Levi, a lovely kid who got busted in his first bench robbery, has been paroled from jail and has hired a three-day assignment to put up banners for the holidays.

While his little sibling, Itzakale (Avshalom Polak), is persuaded to come with him, her mom - alienated from Gadi - dies in prison. Alarming, Shoshana (Alon Abutbul), an escapee cheater involved in Gadi's past, appears and asks himself out. They both feel strongly drawn to her, but when Shoshana raped her one day, no one is there to her.

Sleepy she goes back to the wealthy jerk whose babe (the gentila of the title) she carries. Lévi and Polak are creating stronger focal points than the brethren for whom this journey will be unforgettable. With an overdrawn speed and low-budget single-handedness, Pic has almost everything going on in the car or at anonymised petrol station, which gets really dull at the end of the film.

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