Gems Garden Condominium Yangon

Yangon Gems Garden Condominium

On Insein Road, Yangon number of towers: Yangon gems garden condominium. yoda chen. GEMS garden apartments are making headway The Gems Garden Condominium is to be completed by the end of 2015 and will offer an upmarket offer for purchasers of real estate in Yangon, according to the company's management. On 17 September, Developers Capital Development Limited, part of the Capital Diamond Star Group alliance, said that 40 per cent of the completion of the hedge fund's downship investment in Moldova has already been completed.

Situated between the bustling streets of Pyay and Insein, the property will comprise four 21-story condominium apartments when it is finished next year, said corporate officers. It said the rooms are fully furnished and adorned with candles, tile and color when executed, meaning that occupants only have to fetch their own furnishings.

It will also establish a Property Administration Board for each year' s upkeep. "We have performed many kinds of test, such as ground test, metals test, work load test and other tests," said U Kyaw Zay Ya, a corporate engineering graduate. As the Yangon area is vulnerable to quakes, particular emphasis has been placed on earthquake safety, he added.

Spaces ranging in costs from K160 to K380 million depending on their magnitude, while customers can be paying in instalments, she said. Designed by a Singaporian firm, RSP Architecture, the works will continue in collaboration with Vietnamese firm Hoa Binh Building Management. Apartments are equipped with a number of facilities, such as a fitness studio, a Snackbar, a large indoor and outdoor area.

Classy urban living; GEMS Garden Codominium

GEMS Garden Condominiums is the first stage in the combined evolution of Capitality, which covers 12 hectares of premium property and lies between Yangon City's two major roads, Pyay Road and Insein Road. The Capital Municipality is one of the biggest and most advanced projects in downtown Yangon, designed by Capital Investment Limited, a member of the Capital Diamond Star Group (CDSG), with an Original Shopping Mall, an International Standard Serviced Apartment, a Grade A Office Tower and the luxurious Residential Tower.

The developers of Gems Garden Condominiums, Capital Investment Ltd, are focusing on the project, which will revitalize the whole neighbourhood as a state-of-the-art and prestige high-rise complex. GEMS GARDEN's mission is to create a high-rise building association where they can find a place to life, work, games and entertainment.

There is a well thought-out home interiors and the active community enjoys an atmosphere that is secure, roomy and perfect for promoting a healthful community life. GEMS Garden Condominiums bring style, sophistication and contemporary city life with all the comforts, furnishings and services for contemporary homes in a centrally located and well connected area.

An enclosed and secure residential area that is secure for family with small kids. GEMS' lifestyle facilities comprise an inflinity pool set in luxuriant tropic garden, complemented by a fully stocked gym, children's swimming pools & play area, café & snack bar, multi-purpose rooms, outdoors training area, barbecue areas, running course and rooftop garden.

Smartly landscaped condos provide stunning views of picturesque Lake Inya, the tranquil countryside towards Mingaladone and the Hlaing River from high views. GEMS style condos provide state-of-the-art residential complexes with efficient use of available spaces for young municipal experts as well as cutting-edge family apartments from 570sf to 1505sf for the studio's traditional condos, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units, while the luxury penthouse houses provide a roomy 3,472sf of room.

At present, the shell work on GEMS Tower 1 & 2 is 100% complete, while the two other turrets are in an early phase of building and are scheduled for finalization in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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