Gem Miner


Explore a mine to find ores, metals and gems and make your fortune! Discover a huge mine to find ores, metals and gems and make you happy! Gem Miner's traditional mode, Freeplay, gives you a huge area at your feet, ready to explore and create your own mine. There are two versions of the game, the free "Gem Miner" and the paid "Gem Miner":

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Ahh, miner of gems..... My experiences in the compacted environment were astonishing and thrilling as I penetrated ever more deeply into the soils. Today I'm going to play the 2. edition of Gem Miner, and I have to say great enhancements boys! All is great in the match, but here are some proposals about the texture when the match.

TEXTURES AND OTHERS: The world is a little dull, and I also realized that the textures of the weed and the heavens were imitated over and over very sloppily. You should also include cute little village people of the same height as the invatar, just to make the superworld livelier.

Next thing that could be modified in the textures is the invatar. One other thing that would be cute, is you know how you are scrolling through your inventory in that you touch mini cart, orrogen, which switches through mate? It should be so that you have a user interface at the bottom of the display, or in a place where it does not disturb the user interface and the display is visible while the user is playing the match.

For a better comprehension, think of how you placed UI on the bottom! Well, when I say that the user interface is displayed, I try to say that you should have a key that, when you push it, displays the entire stock. SHOULD YOU REALLY HAVE A GRIDS FOR THE INVENTORIES.

Think about how the mine vehicle stock is. When you then choose a type of gear, make it so that when you leave your stock, next to the UI/Inventory icon you see another small checkbox showing what type of blocking you are using and how much of it you have.

When you know how the mini power mode works, you should have an easier way to understand this notion. So the more texture, the better it should look. There are some other things about the match that should change.....

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