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Inform yourself about the product AKG GAZBETON A.S.: cellular concrete block / for partition walls U-BLOCKS. The AKG Gazbeton company produces building materials.

The Construction Products Ordinance (CPR-305-2011), which must be fully transposed by the member states of the European Union by 1 July 2013, was enacted by the Turkish Ministry of the Environment and Urbanisation as a review of the current Construction Products Ordinance.

The Construction Product Ordinance (CPR-305-2011), which must be fully transposed by the member states of the European Union by 1 July 2013, was enacted by the Turkish Ministry of the Environment and Urbanisation as a review of the current Construction Product Ordinance. The company exported a wide variety of high-quality goods, complemented by internationally recognised inspection certifications, to various parts of the globe, such as the Turkrepublics, the Middle East, North Africa, North and South America and above all to Europe.

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The AKG cellular concrete (AAC) has a highly absorbent surface with high thermal and acoustic properties. Its thermal insulating properties significantly reduce investment in heating/cooling and the cost indoors. The AKG AKAC does not affect the life span and lightens the overall lightweight of the construction. Masonry and floor slabs are "solid" and of low densities.

The AKG AKAC is a construction product that is manufactured in exact measurements and never loses its dimension. They facilitate horizontal/vertical manipulation during processing and manual masonry and allow the completion of designs in a short while. As a" solid" thin wallcovering fabric, they reduce the load on structures and offer seismic resistance due to their light ness and long service life.

High seismic resistance structures are not subject to the devastating impact of seismic events; these structures are more seismic due to their lightness and flexibility. Its thermal insulating properties save gasoline and do not cause atmospheric contamination.

The AKG Group

The AKG Group has undergone a period of fast growth with the goal of bringing about transformation in the sectors in which it is active, particularly in the construction material sector, with the aid of cutting-edge technology based on our range of goods and rendering our service, and to create a dynamic within the sector to the benefit of customer contentment. AAC is a non-combustible A1 grade material and has high thermal insulating properties.

Çimstone is the first company in Turkey to manufacture quartz-based composites and has been pursuing projected expansion since 1996 with production facilities and head quarters in Izmir, regional branches in Istanbul and Ankara and a subsidiary in Northampton, UK, together with its solutions partner companies throughout the whole of Turkey and on four major continent.

Çimstone fulfils the increasing expectation with many prestige installations in Turkey and all over the globe on all types of surface such as banks, flooring, fronts with high-grade and varied materials. Çimstone has established a new style in the bathrooms and kitchens sector with our commitment to providing good value for money, high value added product and customer-oriented counter and benchware.

Çimstone, whose hygiene has been confirmed by NSF and LGA certifications and is produced in accordance with Turkey's norms, is a high quality and prestige products. Produced on the Aegean Sea coastline of Izmir, which is currently regarded as Turkey's most prolific waters, MORE Wateraculture is a company that has three certification in the field of fish farming and has a total annual output of 3,350 tonnes.

Opened at I??kkent in 2008 and most recognised and accredited by the EU authorities, MORE Aquaculture's state-of-the-art fishing plant, with a 5,200 tons/year output and the most cutting-edge technologies available in the sector, grew by 50 per cent in 2010.

Since 1989 Cittur has been offering various tourist industry service and its expertise has become an idol of confidence. The company strives for continuous evolution as a innovator with its service within the industry, contributing to the advancement and economic growth of Turkey, especially in Izmir and the Aegean, and offering specific tourist service to organisations with specific organisations.

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