Gaw Yan Gyi Island

Isle of Gaw Yan Gyi

The Log -Gaw Yan Gyi Island is located in Nat-hmaw and has a restaurant and room service. Gaw Yan Gyi Island, Pathein on TripAdvisor: Gaw Yan Gyi Island, Nat-hmaw - Update 2018 Rates The three-bed room has a sitting area, water boiler and TV with shallow-water. We will use your comments to help us make it easier for you to make your next booking. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous reply. Thank you for your reply.

There is a water boiler, mini bar and seaview in this room.

We will use your comments to help us make it easier for you to make your next booking. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous reply. Thank you for your reply. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous entry of your comments. I' m sorry, but it seems something went awry when I submitted this. The Log -Gaw Yan Gyi Island accepts your request - just do it!

Cancellations and advance payment conditions differ depending on the room category. Free additional cots for all kids under 6 years. For all other older kids or grown-ups, an additional $20 per person per night is required. There is a limit of 1 additional room berth, any kind of additional berth is possible on demand and must be approved by the school.

After your booking, the real estate will get in touch with you to give you directions.

Ayeyarwaddy Division (Gaw Yan Gyi Beach)

Burma has almost 2,000 km of coast and there are many nice and famous shores like Chaung Thar and Ngwe Saung as well as Ngapali and Latt Khoat Kone beches. There is a new one in 2017 that is very much loved by the Myanmar population - Gaw Yan Gyi.

It is a really nice sandy spot and it is full of sandy and whitewashed shores, cliffs and the waters are clear. "Gaw Yan Gyi belongs to the Bay of Bengal and is situated in Ayeyarwaddy Division, Ngaputaw District, Nga yak naung City, Nant Thar Pu Village Group. The best way is to rent a rider or go on an organised trip, but if you choose to go on your own - first you go to Pathein.

When you walk through the Pathein-Tour-Tor, you will arrive at the underpass of Ngwe Saung. After 53 mile on the South Nga Youk Kaung Camp, take the turn right ("To Maw Tin Soon"). You' ll go 16 leagues and see the intersection.

Choosing Nga Yout Kaung City will take you 30 minutes and choosing the Gaw Yan Gyi Island YHA, you will travel 1.5 hours on a rocky and slick street. You can take the Yangon Dagon Ayeyar motorway from Nga Youk Kaung directly via the Kan Htoo Aung and Universal routes.

Nga Youk Kaung (8:30am) is about 10,000 Kyat with an estimate of 6:00am the next mornings. Motorbike cabs are available at the coach-gates. Renting a cab to Kway Chai Bridge costs 500 hundred Kiev. Once you arrive in Chai you can rent a motorbike taxicab for about 500 kyat and drive to one of the Bangalo villages.

In Bangalore you will see the island Gaw Yan Gyi. There' a lot of Bangalos on Gaw Yan Gyi Island: The Thiri Thu Ta Aung Reasort, Htee Hta Resort, Adventure Paradise, Zabar Htar View Resort, La Min Thar Resort, Win Beach Hotel, The Log, Thiri San and probably more as the area becomes more famous.

The Myawaddy Pagoda provides a wonderful view of Gaw Yan Gyi. I can also see various rocks and islands. On the island of Sa Pa Htar there is a fresh oceanic waterhole and you can also snorkel. When you are able, rent a vehicle and park it in your motel. The best way is to go to Nga Youk Kaung first, then rent a motorbike and then drive by ferry.

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