Official Gatineau Ville de Gatineau, is a city in western Quebec, Canada. The Gatineau is located directly opposite Ottawa, on the Trans-Canada Highway, with rail links to Toronto-Kingston and Montréal. Gatineau, city, Outaouais region, southwestern province of Quebec, Canada.

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Today's Gatineau is located in an area formerly known as Hull, the oldest of Europe's settlements in the region of national capitals. The area was usually only opened up after the American Revolutionary War, when the Crown granted the Loyalists allocations of lands for relocation to Upper Canada. In 1800, Hull was established by Philemon Wright on the northern bank of the Ottawa River at the port around the Chaudière Falls upriver ( or west) from where the Gatineau and Rideau streams run into the Ottawa.

Meanwhile, in 2002, after the merger, it was part of a major judicial system called Gatineau City. Until 1851 the county of Ottawa counted 11,104 inhabitants, of whom 2,811 were living in the municipality of Hull. Until 1861 Ottawa County had 15,671 inhabitants, 3,711 of whom were living in Hull Township.

Gatineau River, as well as Ottawa River, was a fundamental transporting asset for the gloomy, timber truck ing worker who transported timber across the river until they reached downstream. The Gatineau River runs southwards into the Ottawa River, which runs eastwards into the St. Lawrence River at Montreal. Ottawa River tree-trunk loaded, seen from Hull, was depicted on the back of the Canada $1 bill; the notes were substituted by a $1 currency (the "Loonie") in 1987.

The Ottawa was established after Hull as the terminal station of the Rideau Canal. Ottawa, initially called Bytown, was not described as the Canada City until the mid-19th centuries, after the Montreal Assembly was burned down by a rampaging crowd of Anglo-Canadian citizens on 25 April 1849. It was reconstructed to connect Ottawa with Hull on Victoria Island.

Within the framework of the 2000-2006 reorganisation of Quebec's local authorities, the five communes that make up the Communauté urbaine de l'Outaouais were brought together to form the new town of Gatineau on 1 January 2002. Though Hull was the oldest and most centered of the fused towns, the name Gatineau was selected for the new town.

Gatineau's principal reason was that it had more inhabitants, and this name was strongly linked to the area: it was the name of the former earldom, the valleys, the hills, as well as the parks and the principal rivers within the new urban boundary. There were some who reasoned that the name Gatineau in France was more attractive to most French-speaking inhabitants.

Major expenditure (e.g. policing, fire, major roads, extension programmes) and most of the tax burden stayed in the hands ofthe metropolitan area. Those are under the control of the centrally united municipality because their greater population gives them greater electoral clout. Gatineau is home to a number of regional and local authorities who are based in Quebec because of their close location to the capitol and their standing as the capitol of the Outaouais area.

Headquarters of the following ministries are in Gatineau: Headquartered in Gatineau are the following companies. Not only does the town house a significant part of the German government's office, it is also an important local center for the Outaouais area. It is the site of the Gatineau Higher District Court, which includes all adjacent communities.

The Gatineau has a relatively diversified economic base compared to its neighbour Ottawa on the other side of the canal. Gatineau Institute is a local center of excellence for innovations with cooperation areas and start-up, start-up and accelerating programmes to promote entrepreneurship. Mr. Clement is currently Chief Executive Officer of the Gatineau Institute.

Gatineau's two major touristic sites are the Canadian Museum of History and the Casino du Lac-Leamy. In early September, on the working day week-end, Gatineau organises an annually held hot-air ballon fest that inflates the sky with colorful gas-fired passengers' ballons. The largest part of the town lies on flat land, but the north and east parts are at the beginning of the spurs of the Canadian Shield or the Laurentian Mountains.

They are the "Gatineau Hills", which are seen in the back of the accompanying film. The Jacques Cartier Park, one of Gatineau's municipal park, is used by the National Capital Commission during the Winterlude Fair. Gatineau's night life is mainly concentrated in the "Vieux-Hull" area behind the federal offices of the inner town.

There are many pubs and eateries in the area close to Ottawa. It' a favourite place for young Ontarians, as the statutory drink maturity in Quebec is 18 years (as compared to Ontarios 19 years). It has a Quebec University and Quebec en Outaouais (UQO) university campus.

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has a campus in Gatineau. In Gatineau, the most important French-speaking educational authorities are the Commission des Portages-de-l'Outaouais, the Commission au Coeur-des-Vallées and the Commission des Draveurs. Basic and Sekundar training in English is supervised by the Western Quebec Board.

Gateway-Ottawa Executive is Gatineau's urban gateway to the city and is able to serve small jetliners. Canadian custom offices exist for planes arriving from outside Canada, a parking desk and a restuarant. Gatineau has some regular connections to destinations within Quebec, but most Gatineau inhabitants use the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International near International Airports or fly to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airports in Montreal.

Both Ottawa and Gatineau have two different bus-based modes of transportation with different tariffs, OC Transpo and Société de transportation de l'Outaouais. Most Gatineau Highway and large galleries go directly into the Ottawa Bridge, but as soon as they are there, the streets go into the city' s tight network or housing areas, with no immediate link to the Queensway.

These difficulties are exacerbated by the absence of a main road on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River linking Gatineau with Montreal, the province's capital; most travelers from Gatineau to Montreal traverse Ottawa first and use the Ontario Hwy to get to Montreal. It is however anticipated that the new connection between Gatineau and the Laurentide tourism area, after completion of Autoroute 50[19], will be able to act as part of a Montreal bypass on the northern bank for the inhabitants of Outaouais.

Gatineau Town Council (French: Le conseil Municipal de Gatineau) is the most important organ of the town. He consists of 17 town councils and a major. It is the headquarters of the Gatineau Court County, which includes the entire town of Gatineau and several outlying communities such as Chelsea, Cantley and Pontiac.

Outaouais Regional Supreme Courts are in Gatineau, opposite the Town Hall on the Laurier and Hôtel-de-Ville corners. The majority of offices representing companies throughout the entire area are also in Gatineau. This 250-strong police service provides day-to-day police work in the town, with other agents such as SQ and RCMP providing support as needed.

You are also in charge of monitoring motorway stretches within the urban boundaries. The Gatineau is the town where several TV and Radio channels are licensed for the National Capital Area, which is a unified multimedia area. Some of the TV and FM transmitters in the Ottawa-Gatineau area are broadcasting from Camp Fortune just south of Gatineau.

Every station directly licenced to Gatineau broadcasts inrench. Gatineau's weeklies are Le Bulletin d'Aylmer (bilingual) and The West Quebec Post. The Gatineau does not have its own dailies, but is serviced by dailies in Ottawa, among them the Le Droit in France and the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Sun in England.

Natineau Jr. Olympic (also known as Gatineau Juniors Express) is a Canada Juniors icehockey squad headquartered in Gatineau, Quebec. Since 2006 you have played in the National Capital Youth League (NCJHL). Gatineau FC, a semi-professional football club in the Première Ligue de Soccer du Québec (PLSQ). The Hull-Volant de Gatineau, a basketball squad of the Ligue de baseball youth Élite du Québec youth group.

L'Intrépides de Gatineau, are a Midget AAA ice team. Breakdown of populations by sectors in the town of Gatineau. The 2011 Cadensus shows that the town of Gatineau had 265,349 inhabitants. That was an improvement of 9.6% year-on-year. The majority of the inhabitants lives in the conurbations of Aylmer, Hull and the former Gatineau.

The Gatineau is the 4th biggest town in Quebec after Montreal, Quebec and Laval. Quebec's part of the Ottawa-Gatineau Metropolitan Area (CMA) - which comprises Gatineau and various surrounding communities - had a combined resident area of 314,501. Following statistic refers to the Quebec part of the Ottawa - Gatineau CMA (as seen in the 2006 census):

Pop CensusGatineau. In the 2001 Canadian Population Survey, Canadians were able to personally recognize one or more ethno-cultural ancestors. Statistics Canada, which counts both individual and several answers, found that the most frequently identifiable ethnic-cultural ancestors were the most common: Bigger municipalities within Gatineau are: It was Andrew Leamy (1816-1868), an industrial engineer and local authority chief in Lower Canada.

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