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Gartour reviews Destination Italia, Rome, Italy

We felt very hurried especially during the Vatican trip. But it seemed very important to him to take us to a souvenir store at the end of the trip. I' d never go on the road with Gartour again. I prefer to look for a high class guided by a history of arts guide.

This has really made it easier for us to get to know the different types of buildings, the town and its past. It was a great trip and gave us astonishing detail and gorgeous views of this town we would have otherwise overlooked. It opened our minds the night before, when we had just walked through the town.

When you can, take this trip before the big ones. Thanks Gartours, we will always enjoy this adventure with such a relaxing leader. Airportransfers - great - it was simple to recognize the driver at the airfield and they came to the foyer to meet us at the lodge.

The real trip through the volcano was a maczing and the guidebook was very good. It seemed he really cared what he was saying, he replied to all our queries and showed us pictures he had taken of the Holy See with different lights on his iPhones...)

It was an hours too early, but that was because the others who were collected before us for the trip were an hours too slow, so if you want to be sure that you will be collected on schedule, make sure you booked a personal pick up. As a member of a small group (about 10 people) I visited the Vatican tourist sites in the mornings.

The Gartours hike I hiked was prebooked and that was great. Stephen referred to the residences of former Popes (the present Popes live in the Vatican Hotel) as well as to the present residences of the retired Popes Benedict. The more than 3-hour hike enabled us to escape the long lines and spend an interesting and instructive afternoons in these three places!

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