Garden Hotel Kawthaung

Kawthaung Garden Hotel

Kawthaung's largest and newest hotel, far away from the waterfront near the central roundabout at the sitting Buddha. The Victoria Cliff Hotel & Resort with pool and terrace is located in Kawthoung. Functional Kawthaung Hotel is a good business, but like the brand new Midrange Garden Hotel, the location is not so hot.

Kawthaung Garden Hotel - room offers, photos & reviews

The Garden Hotel, constructed in 2012, is a clear complement to Kawthoung / Victoria Point and a good option for travellers. The well-kept surroundings and the closeness to the Kawthoung Tennis Club, Myo Ma Market, Kawthoung Clock Tower give this hotel a particular allure. Garden Hotel's amenities and service will make your visit a joy.

The hotel has 24-hour room services, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, Wi-Fi in all areas, laundry services, private cars, free parkings. Accommodation in the hotel has been furnished with care and the highest level of comforts. There are many great things to do in the hotel, such as a spas. No matter what your intended destination, Garden Hotel is an ideal option for your trip to Kawthoung / Victoria Point.

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Garden Hotel is one of the few hardly accepted places to stay in Kawthaung. It is a straightforward hotel that reminds you that Myanmar's tourism industries still have some way to go. However, the rooms are quite tidy and the personnel is kind (remember that this is what you usually say when you try to highlight something positive).

The rooms cost about $40 per room per night, not for what you get.


Kawthaung's accommodations range from backpackers to five-star hotels, with the possibilities of the off-shore islands being initially local. From a distance you can see Honey Bear, the biggest city center structure. Kawthaung Hotel is a good business, but like the brandnew mid-range garden hotel, the situation is not so heated.

At the small tourism information desk next to the migration department there were some hotel particulars, but in case of restricted rooms it is a good suggestion to book something of Ranong (or Myeik) in advance. Perhaps this will be changed when new opportunities unavoidably open up. The Honey Bear and Penguin are the only hostels within easy walk of the dock.

About seven kilometers from the city, just south of the motorway and near the international airports, lies the fluffy new Victoria Cliff Estate. At the beginning of 2016, the same people were about to open an unusual insular spa on the isolated Nyaung Oo Pee Isl.

Directly in front of Kawthaung on Thatay Khun Iceland is the long-time Andaman Club. Aka Myanmar Andaman or Andaman Club Resort, it is a large gulf and Casinokomplex, which is operated by the Thai Dusit group. It is not the most scenic of the Andaman Islands and does not even have a sandy area. But that is not what customers want.

Each hotel in the city offers essential touristic information and can help with information and bookings.

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