Garden Hotel Dawei

Dawei Garden Hotel

Discounts at Hotel Dawei in Dawei, Myanmar. " Clean & ; quiet hotel parmi d'autres hôtels à Dawei." Gym; Sauna;

Tours; Garden. The Dawei City Dawei has a good selection of hotels, Shwe Moung Than Hotel, Zayat Htet San Hotel, Garden Hotel and more. First I stayed at the Garden Hotel, then at the Shwe Moung Tan.

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Dawei CityDawei has a good choice of more than half of the properties that are less than one year old. The cost ranges from $7 for backpackers to $60 for advanced corporate accommodation. The Shwe Moung Than Hotel, which takes its name from the Sout Korea Seifenoper, currently has the city' s lowest priced rooms with private bathrooms with 9,000, Solarthermie and good access to the World Wide Web.

She was a computer tycoon, so her web is much better than anything else in Yangon. Together with Garden, one of the two pristine inns in Dawei, this beautiful old timber house is a part of Dawei heritage, but we believe that the present state of the interior does not represent value for price.

However, they run one of the most beautiful Dawei evenings. Cyberconnection - Bad. You have to divide the bathrooms, the waters are cool, the rooms are very small.

A good and inexpensive hotel in Dawei - Rating by Shwe Moung Than Hotel, Dawei, Myanmar

At first I was in two Dawei properties, the Garden Hotel, then the Shwe Moung Tan. Shwwe Maung Tan was more beautiful and less expensive than Garden. It' s a great place off the beaten track, but close to what you need on the spot, which includes a China restaurants where I used to serve good meals and beers in the mornings.

The wifi in the rooms was powerful enough and better than in other local hotel. The hotel also had information for me about the ride by rail to Mwalamyine and organised a motor taxicab to take me there (very early) around 4:00 in the morning.

Burma - Myanmar - FAQ - Answers to some questions

It' certainly simpler than before to organize your holiday in Myanmar yourself when you have free space (in Myanmar and at home) and when you remain on the square. We know the hotel, its position, why it meets your needs or not, we know the place you need to go to to prevent and much more that you will not find on the dot.

They need a visas to get to Myanmar. You can apply for your Myanmar E-visa on the Myanmar website, which is the best and least expensive way to get your Myanmar E-visa. There are many websites on the web where you can apply for a Myanmar visas. Payments by MasterCard and MasterCard are accepted for our reservations and service in Myanmar.

Payments must be made online via our website. Since our checkout process is 3-D Secure approved (highest security), you must obtain a secure text message from your local banking company on your cell to continue with the checkout. Otherwise it is better to book and pay online from your own land before you arrive in Myanmar.

May I use Traveler Cheques in Myanmar? In Myanmar can I use my payment method? Remember that today (2018) it is only possible in the most important towns or touristic places in the world. Is it possible to get the cash in the cash machine?

Is it okay if I sent funds to Myanmar? Payments can only be made by using our website, either in advance in cash or via wire-transfers ( "TT") to our Singapore branch. May I take US$ or Euro with me in Myanmar? It is mainly intended for the Myanmar population. In 2018 it is now very simple to exchange Euros or US dollars in Kyat (local currency).

It is recommended that you exchange your payment on your return. In case of need (late or early arrival) we can arrange the exchange and collect you at the aiport. Extremely important: Your US$ or EUR notes must be absolutely flawless, new, without markings, small hotel, etc.....

You can pay by car or by other means only: - via our website and the UOB-platform. - In Cash, in our offices and you will receive a signature slip and an account from us. ý Money order outside Singapore or to a different banking institution than UOB Singapore, we never require you to pay in Western Union or the like.

No. You have to buy your own entrance pass to get to Myanmar. However, we can still offer you an overseas trip from Myanmar to another destination (outbound). Is it only possible to make all my reservations when I get to Myanmar? No. To guarantee your reservations, we have to make a down payment to the hotel, make out your airline passes, etc.....

Therefore we must have your deposit before your check-in. Visas for tourists? - The embassy in Myanmar. We have a process known as" Visum on arrival", either for a commercial or for tourists. Tourists can only enter this region if they do not have an official residence permit in their own countries and if they are not one of the 100 nationals who can do so.

Please be cautious, the entry permit is long, you must take precautions before arriving (with the help of a foreign tourist agency). Commercial visas? - At the embassy in Myanmar. While you can obtain your visas on your return, you must be sure that you have all the documentation required by the immigration authorities.

Retirement policy? It is strongly recommended that you take out cover to cover your costs if you decide to terminate your stay during your stay in Myanmar and prior to your arrival in Myanmar. Medical Insurances? Myanmar's healthcare system is poor (understatement). They need medical coverage. In Myanmar it is not allowed to bring a tourist by road.

In Myanmar you can hire and ride a motorcycle (even if it is simple to hire one). If you have an accident, you can be sure that your trip policy is fully conscious of this and your trip policy will NOT cover any health costs, health care evacuations, anything related to an accident because you are riding a motorcycle.

So, just don't ride a motorcycle in Myanmar. When you plan to ride in Sagaing, near the Thai frontier (bad idea), you need to take medication, especially in the wet-season. In general, you should be protected from insect stings, you have a better chances of getting a Dengue virus (often in Myanmar) than Myanmar.

There' s no difficulty taking a cam, computer, telephone etc..... in Myanmar. When you have a professionally designed videocamera (which looks really professional) and if you do not have a journalists visas, you may have some inconvenience. May I use my cell in Myanmar? The land opens very quickly and it is very likely that your own cell phones will work in Myanmar (if you have the right calling plan).

Otherwise it is very simple to buy a Sim-Karte ( "Gsm") at the Aiport. An increasing number of them now have a Wi-Fi link, especially in the new ones. WiFi speeds are usually quite low, except in Yangon or Nay Pyi Taw at a good 4 star hotel. Safety is good so far (2018), new aircraft are usually available to most of the country's carriers.

Busses go almost everywhere and it is THE preferred means of transport for the local population, so some routes can be very well utilized when you buy your tickets in the last few-minute time. Hiring a rental is still the best way to go and very often the most costly (if you are alone), if your 3 or 4 persons, it is less costly than traveling by air.

By 2015, all Ngapali and Ngwe sung beach resorts were shut down for the wet seasons. You can now (2018) find some of our hotel rooms that are open with a minimum of services. They' re doing this mainly to make some extra cash instead of shutting down the hotel completely.

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