Garden Guest House Myanmar

Myanmar Garden Guesthouse

Guest House, Kompong Chhnang, Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia. I and my friend stayed twice at the Garden Guest House (after arrival and before departure from Myanmar) because it is very cheap. Breakfast is as good as you can expect from Myanmar. The Garden Guest House and Myanmar Panda Hotel are highly rated by experts.

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Yangon Garden Guest House... Description of Ace Star B&B Backpacker Hotel: At Ace Star hostel you can explore the marvels of Mandalay. With a full bankroll of facilities, the guest will acquire their break on the site a reasonable one. Return on investment benefit of the hotel's batch-free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24 hours a day.....

Descriptions of Inle Valley Bed & Breakfast: The Inle Valley Bed & Breakfast is located in a top location in Yangon and offers the opportunity to reach the outskirts of the town right on your front door. The hotel offers a range of accessoires and service that you must pay for an adequate night's rest. Batchless .... SUN WINNER Hotel description:

The M3 @ Sun Winner Hotel in Central Mandalay is an ideal base for the analysis of Mandalay. There is a total bill for a reasonable accommodation at the hotel. Wi-Fi Chargeless in all rooms, 24-hour safety, circular household management, telefax,..... Description of Natur Hotel: Natural Hotel is suitable for both commercial and recreational use.

You will find service-oriented representatives at this year' s Natura....

Horrible Horrible Services - Review of Garden Guest House, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

I' d done a lot of research for our six-strong familiy before we booked this B&B and although we could have booked a lovely place in the city, we wanted the more intimate feel of a B&B for the first a while. They were sincere and profesional, but not too hot and not a good information resource.

There was one room with a king's cot and another room with a queen and a twin one. It was a small king's room, hardly big enough for a small desk and a small armchair. There was a smell in the bath and it was easy to understand because the jet was just fixed to the bath and sprayed the whole bath.....

There was a sink under the strangely moist wood grate that was covering the toilet's watery bottom. Obviously, our children's bedroom was no better, as they all decided to sit and waited until we had reached our next showering area. As I couldn't stand the darkness anymore, I opened the windows and all I could heard was the personnel talking loud and unceasingly right in front of ours.

But the only good thing was that the rooms were so poor that our teenager children would rather go to the sultry roads of Yangon than watching TV in the room. We' ve paid two days in advance, one for our stay in Yangon and one for our trips through Myanmar the day before our departure.

So we decided to loose the cash instead of going back to the Garden Guest House.

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