Acronym for" dressed; dressed; dressed; dressed; dressed.

transitive verb: to be covered with or like clothing. n. Acronym for "Goofy ass retarded bitch". ("transitive") To dress in robes. a fashion or type of clothing, especially of an unmistakable, uniform kind: in the robe of a monk. wearing clothing; clothing. external appearance or form. Buy golf shirts from DICK'S Sporting Goods today.

More about Garb

The Garb is the primordial jr. clothing group. I started Garb in 1996 out of the conviction that children are looking for a label that calls itself their own - a label devoted to the youngsters of the sport, offering great style and unrivalled sophistication. Not only has Garb become a popular name, firm and cultural, but it has also established the class of casual clothing and has been a leader ever since.

Things that began in the cellar of my home in Evergreen has evolved into the USGA and PGA of the premier class for children's golfer attire. He is the main provider of children's golfer's clothes for the U.S. Open Golftournament, the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup since 2001. Situated in Denver, Colorado, now robe is pinpointed at fetching the best golfer's out there.

Together we are listening to the children and creating a line of clothes that is not only high-quality and technologically mature, but also matches the children's fashionable look.


is a goddamn robe... Grab a robe for your dad Trump. n. Acronym for " that lacs co-ordination..... B.K. Get a G.A.R.B. cup for your girlfriend Larisa. Go get yourself a robe for your pisces, Beatrix. All over the country. Grab a robe cup for your boyfriend José. bases. and he's gwanin' like he's great" Get a Garbs cup for your Facebook boyfriend Paul.

Go and get your sarah a mug. is garb. Go get yourself a robe for your Facebook boyfriend Abdul.

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Of Central France sheaf ("graceful outline") (modern gallbe ), of Italy gobo ("grace, elegance"), perhaps of Teutonic (cf. Old High Germen garb, garavi ("dress, outfit, preparation") and British equipment), finally of proto-Germanic *garwijan? ("prepare"). In fact, all his traits were in great form, like the man himself, as if he had come from a days when he made the right robe of people's clothes.

They thought that because he could no longer talk in the local costume, he could not deal with an Englishman club. Tightening. 1957, H. R. Schubert, British industrial heritage, page 118. The Yorkshire company delivered 500 arches and 580 darts, 360 of which were steel-tipped.

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