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PYIN OO WIN (MAYMYO), GANDAMAR MYAING HOTEL: Review all guest reviews & photos of Gandamar Myaing Hotel, Pyin Oo Lwin and Free cancellation. Best deals on Gandamar Myaing Hotel, Pyin Oo Lwin

Main occupants must be at least 18 years of age. Visitors must present a photocopy of ID at check-in. If you book directly at the hotel, we need your bank account information to ensure your reservation.

Reservation confirmations depend on the hotel's approval of your hotel payment order. Room rates include the surcharges valid for kids. Earlier check-in or later checkout is dependent on hotel availabilities and may be invoiced by the hotel. Default check-in is 2 pm and default checkout is 11 am.

You will receive a hotel e-mail confirming your reservation. If you want to arrive early or leave the hotel later, you can go directly to the hotel. Room rates do not cover the cost of additional amenities (such as room amenities, minibar, snack or telephoning).

Changes in reservations depend on the hotel's availabilty and changed reservation policies. Costs of cancellation/modification are included and any waivers are at the hotel's sole discretion. 2.

Every e-coupon rebate on the initial reservation expires upon reversal or change.

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The Gandamar Myaing Hotel was constructed in 1903. They have 5 small hotel rooms and all are newly furnished. The above prices are per US$ including breakfasts, 10% services fee and 10% state taxes. The supplement for the obligatory Christmas and New Year's meal must be confirmed at reservation.

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