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The Gambia International Airlines Limited (GIA) was the national airline of Gambia based in Banjul. Gambia International Airlines offers you the best tickets, book your flight and fly with Gambia International Airlines at the lowest cost. Cross-check Gambia International Airlines fares with other airlines. Search for the cheapest flights for Gambia International Airlines and compare hundreds of airlines and travel sites in one search. Yundun;

Banjul; Banjul International Airport; Banjul.

The Gambia International Airlines Ltd. GIA.

The Gambia International Airlines (GIA) is the Gambia's domestic airline and was founded on 23 January 1996 after the dissolution of Gambia Airways Ltd. On March 1 of the same year, the airport began operating on the airport floor. Later the flight plan, which is currently on hold, began.

The government owns 99% of the shares and Gambia Telecoms (Gamtel) owns 1%. It is active in the airline sector and currently operates charter flights with the Spanish airline Futura. Further corporate activity includes floor clearance, ticketing and freight sale, as well as harbor and passengerservice.

So far the airline's goals have been Dakar, Praia, Banjul, Guinea Bissau, Conakry, Bamako, Abidjan, Accra and Lagos. In the following, the GIA's activity and methodology at Banjul International Airport is described. Its clientele consists of domestic, international and international groundhandling service for all Banjul routes.

It has a broad spectrum of groundhandling devices for all kinds of aircrafts. The company handles all regular departures to BIA with a Departure Control System (DCS). It provides international standard transportation and check-in service to airlines and customers.

Imports Cargo: There is a warehouse for all arriving goods. It is offered to airlines such as Senegal Airlines. Exports Cargo: Gambia International Airlines provides freight forwarding and handling for a number of airlines located at the Gambia International Airline Group.

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The Gambia International Airlines Limited (GIA) was the Gambia domestic carrier based in Banjul. Banjul International Airport was mainly used for local air travel within West Africa, as well as London. It belonged to the Government of the Gambia (99%) and the Gambia Telecommunications Company (1%).

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