Galaxy no Hand Restaurant Bangkok

Bangkok Galaxy no Hand Restaurant

The No Hand is the restaurant where you can have a bite without hands because of our beautiful waitresses. The Privilege Restaurant is the best private gogo girl restaurant where you can taste the best selection of Thai girls in Bangkok Thailand. A number of "no hands" restaurants are available.

Restaurant & Nightclub

Galaxy Restaurant seats 1,000 people. The food is accompanied by bands and musicians. With their repertoires they keep the ambience going from jazz to popularity. Show time begins at 7.45 p.m. Come to the Galaxy Restaurant and let us make your lunch and dinner the most convenient and enjoyable time.

A violin player who plays old favourites will start at 9 p.m. in the Nights Club; then the guest can spend the nights waltzing to waltzes, enjoying zest for music, tangos and baths and live music. Going to a beloved big group and an appealing mate is a winning way if you want to go back to the days of grandball music.

Galaxy Night Club Entertainment's diversity follows the satisfaction of all interests and flavors, yet our policies are very attentive to the preferences of our customers.

Not a bar & restaurant

The No Hand Bar & Restaurant is an amusement center for adults, where you can book luxury rooms in traditional Japonese design for eating and relaxation with the many lovely cooks. What is unique is that the customers are nourished by the women who lick their meals and beverages on their faces and spoil them in every move.

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Night life in No Hands Clubs / Restaurants / Bar

There' s (was?) a nohands restaurant in Bangkok, at Galaxy Entertainmentplaza near Patpong (Rama IV Road, near No. 854. between Suriwongse and Si Phaya Roads). Girls, Galaxy No Hands. She will feed you a very average food and then you can withdraw into a personal room with her.

This restaurant is aimed at Asiatic men, a lone Farang or a group of farangs would be out of place. They can make arrangements at a fraction of what Galaxy requires. This is the standard Asiatic fixative with a bright skin tone. For many, many years there have been tales of blowjob under the table diners, but I have never actually seen anyone who has been in one.

Perhaps such a restaurant existed during the Vietnam War. where the client was sitting at the pub and the chick was blowing him through a clipping in the pub. Today there are certainly BJ BKK and Pattaya BJ pubs, but none with "excerpts" anymore.

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