Municipality and city of Colombia in the province Western Savanna, in the department Cundinamarca. Receive the Funza weather forecast. Funza Lushaka Scholarship Programme is a multi-year programme to promote teaching in public schools.

Funza Lushaka Scholarship

Funza Lushaka Scholarship Program is a multi-year program designed to support apprenticeship as a career. Scholarships are available to allow entitled undergraduates to acquire an academic degree in an area of nationally prioritised study. The scholarship holders are obliged to provide tuition at a government institution for the same number of years as they are the scholars.

Scholarship holders must submit an online application for the scholarship each year. Beneficiaries must also fill in the ranking information as necessary each year. Province Educational Division (PED) will place a scholarship holder in a qualified apprenticeship position. Applicants who do not have a specific apprenticeship position for the alumni scholar may be accepted into a vacancy that is appropriate.

Scholars cannot select the institution in which they wish to be accommodated. PLEASE NOTE: Application for the Funza Lushaka Scholarship 2019 will open on October 01, 2018. Notice that a number of new scholarships are available for 2019.

Results of the competition will be available from the University by 30 April 2019 at the latest. Re-application ends on 16 November 2018; reapplication ends on 11 January 2019.

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It is a small village and important outskirts of Bogotá, in Cundinamarca. Funza's glorious era is deeply rooted in contemporary evolution, when this place was used as the centre of politics for the Kingdom of Muisca. It is best known as an insignificant bourgeois suburban centre outside Bogotá, which, together with the expansion of its much larger neighbour, has become a small village of 50,000 inhabitants.

It is not a travel stop at all, and it is quite seldom to find a foreigner here, but this can be a good season, because most will want to talk! The simplest way from Bogotá is to take the Transmilenio to portal c. 80 and then chase alectivo to Funza (which leaves every 10 min during the day).

In order to get to the Collectivo from Funza, drive to Calle 15, just south of the square. There' s also a Bogotá direct train to Funza, which you can collect in Bogotá, where Calle 13 (the diagonal) hits Avenida de las Américas, but this requires a better comprehension of West Bogotá than most travellers ever have.

Funza's centre is quite small and accessible. It is not a touristic hot spot, and it doesn't really have much to offer, although the large chapel on the square is quite cute. After a short stroll through the small centre you will reach the square and the "orange" square (plaza naranja).

It seems there are an infinite number of apparel shops in the middle, especially along the major resistance (Carrera 13). Whilst drowsy compared to the larger towns, Calle 15 south-east of the central plaza has a cheerful night life with vibrant pubs that blow up regggaeton, salssa, wrestling and all the other common and usually welcome susceptible people.

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