FUNTOUA is a municipality in the state of Katsina, Nigeria. View the photos of Funtua and satellite images below, explore the aerial photos of Funtua in Nigeria. Remembrance and heritage of the late Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem lives in Funtua, discovered by Horace Campbell on his first visit to Abdul-Raheem. The Funtua (Local Government Area, Nigeria) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Maps of Funtua, Katsina, Nigeria and Funtua travel guide.

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FUNTOUA is a municipality in the state of Katsina, Nigeria. The head office is located in the city of Funtua on the motorway E126. This is one of the first of Nigeria's top grassroots goverments to be established following the reform of the country's government in 1976. This is the head office of the Senate Circle Katsina South, to which eleven municipalities belong:

Bakori, Danja, Dandume, Faskari, Sabuwa, Kankara, Malumfashi, Kafur, Musawa, Matazu and Funtua. It is in a favourable position because it is located at 11°32?N and 7°19?E respectively. He is the head of the municipal administration. Most of the residents of the municipality are Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Tiv, Igala, Gwari, Ibira, to name but a few.

The town of Funtua is situated at the southerly end of the state of Katsina. Bordering Giwa of Kaduna State to the north, Bakori to the west, Danja to the southheast, Faskari to the northwest and Dandume to the west. Sokoto River spring is near Funtua. It has been an industry and trade center since Colonization and is home to most of the state's industries:

Jargaba Agric Processing Company, Funtua Textiles Limited, focusing on olive grinders, pet food etc. Northern Diaries, Funtua Burnt Bricks, Funtua Fertilizer Blending Company, West Africa in Cotton Company, Lumus Cotton Ginnery, Integrated Flour mills, Funtua Bottling Company, Salama Rice milling etc. There is a train stop at a junction on the Westbahn and 4 highways: Funtua:

Gwari-Lagos Road, Funtua-Zamfara-Sokoto-Kebbi Road, Funtua-Yashe Road and Funtua-Zaria Road. Ahmadu Bello University School of Basic and Related Studies (SBRS), Funtua, which hosts undergraduates from all (nineteen) 19 states in the north of Nigeria, and a medical engineering college known as the Muslim Community School in Funtua.

The Abdullahi Aminchi College of Advanced Studies Funtua, which is accredited for the issuance of diplomas because it is associated with the ABU Zaria, Imam Saidu College of Education, which issues NCEs, is another institute that confers diplomas. Funtua also hosted a beloved certification body, which is now getting ready to receive its College of Administration, Funtua degree.

The 132KV National Grid transfer terminal serves Funtua from Mando via Zaria and from there to Gusau, ending in Talata Mafara. The 132 kv/33 kv transfer stations in Funtua serve 9 of the 11 municipalities of the Funtua Senatorial District.

Whilst the irregular electrical current is a national phenomena, Funtua does not have so many problems, because the municipality is enjoying 12-20 hrs of current a day. With regard to water supplies, Funtua is sanctified by two water reservoirs, namely Lake Mairuva and Lake Gwagwaye, which were used by the municipality and some parts of Faskari and Bakori area.

In 2006, following the Federal Government's choice to relieve our sea harbours, the Obasanjo Administrative Authority set up 6 drying harbours in the state where Funtua is one of the hosts.

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