Full name of Myanmar

Name of Myanmar

Which is the word Afrikaans for the full name? Which is the Albanian word for full name? Which is the Amharic word for full name? It' also a good custom to address people with their honorary title and full name. Their common name is Myanmar or Burma.

The new Myanmar banner, name and hymn.

Myanmar is the Republic of Myanmar instead of the Union of Myanmar. In 1989, the army, which has reigned since a 1962 putsch, in English altered the country's name from Burma to Myanmar, a year after wide-spread protest against Burma's army government was suppressed, and a year before the last elections.

This was won by the prodemocracy leaders Aung San Suu Kyi's political group, but the army ignored the outcome. At the top the new banner has a horizonal ribbon of pale blue, in the center it' s deep blue and at the bottom it' s reddish brown, with a little bit of a little bit of a little bitterness.

There' s no formal statement as to what the colors or the asterisk are. We also received an order that the old banners must be burned," said an officer who refused to be located. Under the order, the old banner had to be hoisted by someone who was borne on a Tuesday and the new banner by someone who was borne on a Wednesday, he said.

Myanmar's mysterious army leaders, who will maintain supreme control no matter victorious in the November 7 general elections, are widely regarded as advisors to astrogists. Dozens of passers-by followed the flag changing ceremonies in Yangon City Hall.

Myanmar Person' s Name - Women' s Name - Fifty Viss

Astonishingly, the most commonly used Myanmar women's first nouns were formed from local Myanmar words, but Indian words were found more often in women than in men. Feminine nouns generally had greater vocabulary versus masculine nouns and a higher number of syllables than masculine notations. The name overlaps were very limited, possibly due to the non-fixed character of Burma's name.

Thiri Aung ( ???????????) and Aye Myat Mon (?????????????) were the most frequent members of the group, each used by 3 people. Four percent of the women in this random sampling share the same name. Phyo Thida Kyaw: In terms of the name pattern, the vast majority, almost 7 out of 10 women, had three of them.

An important group ( "a little more than 2 out of 10") had four words (e.g. Chaw Su Lat Sandi). Feminine nouns tend to use repetitive words much more often than male ones. Frequent combination were: ORIGIN: In the majority of women's nouns, the first was Burmese, while the second was tending to be Pali.

Below is a complete listing of all Indian words used in the random test, 29 in all. Indian words used for a woman's name were mostly Pali in the source, and some were acronyms of the full Indian name (?). (????).

A few other interesting points to note: Honey (?????) was the most frequent credit used by 3 people in this population. Eye-catching and conscious choices were made in the order of the words used in a particular name - for example, Aung will appear as the highest ranking first and third words in a woman's name, but is not among the first 15 for the second one.

With the following frequency the most frequent woman's name would probably be May Myat Aung (?????????????).

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