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The Myanmar army could be under investigation for Rohingya abuse.

Attorneys for 400 Rohingya migrants are to call on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to examine the Myanmar Forces. They argue that without fairness for what has occurred to them, the crime will go on and affect other people. High-ranking 15-member members of the UNSC visited Bangladesh at the beginning of this months to find out first-hand about the 700,000 Rohingya escapees from Myanmar who were fleeing war.

British Embassador Karen Pierce said that all members regarded the Rohingya question as "one of the most important cases of the last ten years" and added that "something must be done". On the whole, frightening stories about violations of people' s freedoms - beatings, rape and persecution.

There they were driven to a piece of sandy land where their way back to Myanmar was obstructed by gunmen and land mines just behind the sands. We have had a lot of concern about our film at the United Nations and the EU, but despite our first-hand proof and concern expressed by Human Rights Watch, impartial observers and various other publications, the Myanmar authorities have always been reluctant to acknowledge misconduct.

The Myanmar government has condemned Myanmar troops in only one case - seven for 10 years for their part in the 10 Rohingya carnage in the Inn Din town. The two Reuters reporters who have been investigating the carnage are still being held and are now facing up to 14 years in prison under the Myanmar Official Secrets Act.

The extensive Bangladesh camp, now home to several hundred thousand Rohingya who have escaped from Myanmar, alleges rapes, blows, torture and murders among the displaced people - blaming Myanmar's armed forces for the mistreatment. Attorneys who represent some of them are concerned that those who committed the crime will be brought to justice.

"In Myanmar, without being accountable, without focusing on holding these offenders accountable, these kinds of crime will go on and on. "There is little uncertainty that they will go ahead because Myanmar's government understands that the regulatory possibilities are limited and that poor government agencies will protect them from accounts.

However, the attorneys will be arguing on Wednesday that the ICC should be investigating and possibly prosecuting the Myanmar administration for the Rohingya population's violent deportation to Bangladesh, using assassinations, sexually assassinated persons and ethnically cleansed people. ICC can only act if a state is not prepared or able to prosecuted serious offences against it.

However, Myanmar is neither a contracting part of the ICC nor has it agreed to the competence of the Tribunal, so it is currently up to the UN Security Council to bring the matter to justice - an unlikely scenario when Myanmar's coalition, China and Russia, have already obstructed such action. It is now argued that Myanmar can be brought to justice because the military's crime crosses the line into Bangladesh, a member state of the United States.

Attorneys describe the case as "a man on one side of a frontier and shoots a man across the frontier - in which case a felony is perpetrated in both countries". By setting a model of negotiating trans-national criminal acts perpetrated by a nation in The Hague, the Assad government and insurgent groups can be blamed for the horrors of the coming years' internal conflict in Syria.

"The House will continue to defend that the crimes of apartheid, the delinquency of mass murder and the delinquency of prosecution are delinquencies that are being perpetrated today and in the future - and the House should acknowledge that these delinquencies in Bangladesh are perpetrated by the Myanmar Authorities and that it is responsible for the prosecution of these crimes".

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