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Time McLaughlin on the commitment between the United States and Myanmar and the narrow-minded view of the story on which it is based. The Rohingya refugees are to call on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the military in Myanmar. What lunar and solar eclipses are visible in Yangon, Myanmar and what do they look like? There is evidence of terrible treatment as The Hague sets Myanmar a deadline to respond to demands. Featuring friendly, welcoming people and some of the most fascinating sights in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is the perfect way to see the country.

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USA and Myanmar: Ahead at full speed

However, Mr Rhodes and his Washington counterparts are more than conscious that Myanmar's history does not begin now, in 2013. It did not begin in November 2012 when President Barack Obama sweeps to Yangon to give Daw Aung San Suu Kyi a good kisses on her cheeks and a kind touch in the hands of President U Thein Sein.

Nor did it begin in 2009, when Washington launched a political reassessment that ultimately led to the Obama government hiring Nay Pyi Taw. One of the things Mr Rhodes, an important Obama advisor to Myanmar, has made clear is that the US will only look ahead in Myanmar. In the past, Washington has resigned itself to more than a few unsavory individuals, so it is probably not a question of backing an inquiry that could unearth new outrages.

However, Washington is worried about endangering Myanmar's reforms or endangering its own impact in a Georgia. Penetrating Myanmar's past or pushing the Myanmar authorities to do so in an attempt to achieve a settlement could lead Washington to stay out here. This is hardly what the Obama government wants, for Myanmar is a ray of hope among a burgeoning schedule of external mishaps.

Mr Obama's unwillingness to completely reduce aid to Egypt despite a violent military coup d'état that has cost several hundred human life, the chaotic end to long hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq and the consequences of the unveiling of espionage by the National Security Agency have leave him with very few tics in the pillars of our external victors.

Myanmar, where transformation has taken place at an unparalleled pace and largely without force, has become Washington's symbolic triumph, carried out at every opportunity as an example to other struggling states. In Myanmar, if the population is to get righteousness, they must do it themselves. "The Myanmari will have to find a way to achieve this through Myanmar's policy dialogues and processes, and it would be very hard for the United States to dictate how this should be done," Mr Rhodes said.

No. Washington will not dictate how to deal with Myanmar's past deeds. How can you make investments in Myanmar? Myanmar now, perhaps more than ever.

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