Full Moon Day of Waso in Myanmar

Waso in Myanmar on full moon day

The full moon day of Waso in Myanmar is a holiday marking the beginning of the "Buddhist Lent", which lasts three full months during the rainy season. Waso Full Moon Day (beginning of Buddhist Lent), English. Pleine lune de Waso (début du Carême), allemand. Waso' s full moon day marks the beginning of Buddhist Lent (Vassa) and the anniversary of Buddha's first sermon on the Four Noble Truths. The Waso Robe Offering Festival (nationwide).

The Waso Full Moon Tradition in Myanmar

The Waso full moon day of this year coincided on July 11. It' an important date in Myanmar's diary. From this day on there are many rites and tradition that last exactly three month until the Thadingyunt full moon day in October, a festival of light. This is an opportunity when humans provide nourishment, clothing and medicine to friars and convents and donate funds for housing, while the friars (sangha) are entering a time of mediation, thought and worship of Buddha's teaching through practition.

Throughout this time friars stay away from traveling. You seldom see such harmonious relations between older people and boys on full moon day. Whato is also a time of the flower. Young men and woman wander the forests to gather blossoms with the sounds of the sounds of dancing troupes. They are collected in happiness and affection and are to be presented to the Buddha's pictures.

It is not recommended to get remarried during the fast. This is a time of thought, mediation, contemplation and merit. It is also hoped that common people will become more ecclesiastical during this time.

Waso 2018 and 2019 Full Moon Day

The full moon day of Waso in Myanmar is a feast that marked the beginning of the "Buddhist Lent", which lasted three full month during the wet seasons. The most popular Myanmar vacation today: The Waso Full Moon Day has many different ways and means of life. Mostly there are rituals that are practiced throughout the Buddhist Lent and that begin on that day.

This is the beginning of a new saison, both in terms of the wheather and the Buddhist "spiritual calendar". Firstly, the followers will make all kinds of sacrifices to any monk who will retreat to their pagoda for a three-month period of conciliation and worship on that day. Next, Waso Full Moon Day begins a period in which older and younger generation members of society are spending quality of life together.

Third, this is a flowery age. Forthly there is a traditionally off-limits at marriages that begin on the full moon day of Waso, which means that just before and shortly after Buddhist Lent there are more marriages than before. Fourthly, and above all, Waso Full Moon Day is a period of meditation and good works to gain merits in religion.

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