Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone

Tazaungmone Full Moon Day

Tazaungdaing Festival, also known as the Festival of Lights, takes place on the full moon day of Tazaungmone, the eighth month of the Myanmar calendar. Celebrated as a national holiday in Myanamr, it marks the end of the rainy season. Back then. in Myanmar. The seasonal Khawei flowers are in full bloom.

In the full moon night of Tazaungmone. Tazaungdaing Festival (Burmese: ????????????????????????, also known as the Festival of Lights and Spelt Tazaungdine Festival), which takes place on the full moon day of Tazaungmon, the eighth month of the Burmese calendar, is celebrated as a national holiday in Burma (Myanmar) and marks the end of the rainy season.

Tazaungmone Full Moon Day

Tazaungdaing is also known as the Lights Day and takes place on the full moon day of Tazaungmone, the eighth calendar of Myanmar. When the rain has stopped, the friars need new clothes and on the full moon day the sacrifices are made for the people.

New garments and other sacrifices such as house shoes, parasols, charity dishes, meals, towels, soaps and other essentials are presented to the friars. Monastery donations are also gathered and exhibited on wood frame in the form of a wood. Many thousand native and foreign visitors come to Taunggyi, especially to see how many huge papier-mâché are blown up and driven to heaven.

At full moon day of Tazaungmone all star can be seen at midnight and on this day folks usually eating vegetablesalad and it is assumed that the bittern Mezali budsalad you will be free of all diseases. This is the faith from which Mezali Buddh lettuce is prepared and shared with your mates.

In order to make the Mezalli flower lettuce, you must first select the delicate flower sprouts, then purify and mash them. Cook crushed peanuts, roasted onion, lettuce, leek, green chilli and salted to your liking. It' a veggie meal that the Myanmar population loves.

Tazaungmone Full Moon Day

Myanmar Tazaungmone calendar is the months of November. Back then, in Myanmar, the Khawei blossoms are in full season. In the full moon evening of Tazaungmone. 9,999 candels were lit and the pagoda Koehtatkyi in the municipality of SanChaung was sold. In the Promising Nights. the word'Atula Dipati Mahamuni Thetkya Koehtetgyi Badhha' if you insert. you get the number 9, which we named Koenawin and the ovens, that means free of foes and illnesses. exactly. we began to kindle 9,999 candle lights and Buddha they.

There are 999 groups of candle lighted around the pit and to get the best place they have to make batches. In a certain place the groups began to get ready for the festival at 2 o'clock in the afternoons. Exactly at 6:09 a.m. the Master of Ceremonies gave 11 min. for the men to take their positions.

At the right moment the shell was sounded and later the sound of the chimes and chimes could be hear at the same intonation. With these promising tones came fireworks from both sides of the pagoda's crown and at the same moment the light of the lamp came out as if a ceiling had been taken out, it was a breathtaking place and all those present were lighting the candels and offering them to the great Buddha-painting.

Since it stands on the mast and is lit, we call it that. A festival of ghosts is also celebrated during the Taungdaing. At full moon day of Tazaungmone. all star shown in full and at midnight on that day. that day. people usually eating vegetablescury and it is felt that the sweet Maezali Knospe Salt.

First, select delicate shoots with about 9 cups, wash and wash them and cook them until they become softened. At the 9,999 Candle Festivals in Koehtatkyi Pagoda and at the Maezali Salat we all look forward to you sharing our beautiful traditions and cultures with us.

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