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FUJIFILIM strengthens distribution in Myanmar

Fujifilm's image, medicine and graphic arts will be imported and distributed in Myanmar, which is likely to lead to significant further expansion in the area. In the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, the new building with a delivery depot and a maintenance schooling centre is being built, which is due to go into operation in early 2017.

Myanmar, which has the second biggest surface area in Southeast Asia after Indonesia with around 50 million inhabitants, has seen continuous actual GDP expansion of over 7% since 2012. With a new administration taking office in March this year, the country's economy is likely to continue to accelerate, boosted by rising international investments and the expansion of infrastructures.

Since 1970 Fujifilm has been operating in Myanmar, concentrating mainly on image processing such as photo films and photo-papers. FUJIFILM MYANMAR LIMITED was founded in December 2013. By working with our regional representatives, we have been able to understand the needs of our customers and expand our distribution channel, which has strengthened our distribution structure for image, medicine and graphicware.

Fujifilm has now decided to set up a new business in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone for the export and distribution of Fujifilm goods, in line with the Myanmar government's policies to reduce barriers to overseas investments. It will directly source and market goods and strengthen commercial activity in line with the needs and demands of the area.

Furthermore, the building of its own distributor depot will enable the Group to deliver a prompt and effective range of goods. To strengthen client services, the Group will also establish a dedicated Services Education Centre to offer demonstration and education to Fujifilm clients on Fujifilm equipment such as photographic printing applicators, mini labs, clinical radiography equipment and widescreen inks.

As a result of these actions, Fujifilm will reinforce its distribution structure and speed up the development of its Myanmar operations. With seven subsidiaries in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar, Fujifilm strives to expand its operations by delivering the diversified needs of the market in the ASEAN area, a growing area.

It is Fujifilm's commitment to the industrial and cultural evolution of each and every country.

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