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With the expansion of Internet access in Myanmar, a new problem is growing: revenge porn. See the location, sales, industry and description of Frontier Myanmar. News & Newspapers, Media & Internet. Lowest ranking at the International Trade Centre (Intracen). An Internet rocket manager explains why the German start-up dynamo wants to be "the Amazon of the frontier markets".

ASTRONG>New Internet service provider satellites could soon provide high-speed connection for users who find time-consuming speeds to be frustrating.

The new Internet service provider could soon provide high-speed connections to those users who are disappointed by time-consuming data-downloads. Myanmar has lost track of wireless accessibility in just two years. However, one area of the world' s vastly unaffected by this revolution: the landline. Myanma Posts and Telecommunications and Yatanarpon Teleport, the state-owned enterprise with the most keys to Myanmar's few multinational gateway, continue to dominate the country.

However, the gradual liberalization of some telecommunications legislation, which could soon even lead to the establishment of non-governmental networks and the drastic expansion of Myanmar's internet penetration, is gradually creating new actors. The new competitors cannot come fast enough for disappointed Internet surfers. Among the biggest restrictions for the present IPSs is the shortage of available infrastructures and resources for the development of new fibre-optic links.

At the end of last year, Myanmar had one wideband line per 1,000 inhabitants. It is sent from the bowl to a spacecraft and thrown back onto a bigger bowl at a terrestrial base which is then linked to the Internet. As Myanmar is a small nation with confined landline and wireless infrastructures, the benefit is that it can be deployed virtually anywhere.

The VSAT has a long tradition in Myanmar. Bagan Cybertech VSAT service was deployed via the IPSTAR satellites in 2002. After the 2004 cleanup of the Military Intelligence Service, Bagan Cybertech was nationalized and re-named Myanmar Teleport before being re-named Yatanarpon Teleport in 2007. In the past months KBZ Gateway announces to offer VSAT in cooperation with the US company Hughes Network Systems LLC and Asia Satellite Tel. Communications Co Ltd. located in Hong Kong.

"Stephane Lamoureux, KBZ Gateway's CEO, said at the launch: "We are delighted to usher in a new telecoms age for Myanmar, made possible by next-generation VSATs. SEANET Myanmar, a second provider, is planning to start operations in early July. As with KBZ Gateway, it has entered into a partnership with Hughes and AsiaSat. 60 to 70 retailers and fitters have already been designated, with a footprint in all states and regions, SEANET President U Pyone Maung Maung said to Frontier.

Whilst it has a clear open niche in low infrastructural areas in the countryside and regions, it expects that companies in city areas that rely on the use of wireless Internet or slow landline lines such as ADSL will also consider migration. The SEANET package offers from US$99 to $1,199 per months with data transfer rates from 512Kbps to 10Mbps.

It has also requested the establishment of an Internet access portal that will allow it to obtain its own Internet connectivity instead of buying from the ISP. It is unlikely that the city' s hypermarket will last long. Myanmar's entire spectrum has grown from just 15 Gbps in 2012 to about 70 Gbps last year, according to research analyst Nielsen MMRD.

The SEANET solution will provide ATM and Point of Sales (POS) solutions that demand a dependable low-bandwidth link. It will thus become a magnet for merchants and bankers - probably a major for the KBZ Gateway. Businesses and other organizations can also build a privately owned digital terrestrial digital terrestrial digital terrestrial networks via satellites.

Telecommunications operators could use it for the so-called cell return line - the delivery of wireless service via satellites by attaching the transmission mast to a bowl and not to a fiber or other landline. Over 35,000 VPNs in advanced Internet infrastructures such as Malaysia, even though the satellites have 35,000 VPNs, are still widely deployed due to capacity-balance.

While SEANET and KBZ Gateway will be the first new providers to provide this feature, there are almost certainly more newcomers. A NFS (I) license gives the owner the right not only to set up a telecommunications infra-structure, but also to run it. Maung Maung Pyone said that some of them are probably planing satellite-based internet applications.

David Madden, Phandeeyar's ICT HQ in Myanmar, said that the new competitive environment in the Myanmar Internet Service Provider markets would only be to the advantage of the consumer. "So far there has really not been any significant competitive environment on the Internet Service Provider and Internet Service Provider market. He said it was a good example of the part that the Myanmar authorities could take in Myanmar's "digital leap" by creating a legal environment that would encourage the retail industry to spend on telecommunications infrastructures.

Pyone Maung Maung said SEANET is spending between $5 million and $6 million to establish its services. He had waited years for the occasion, he said, but like other privately-owned companies, he had disappeared from the scene "because of a failure to regulate and the monopolization of the government".

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