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The FMR provides local research and analysis for companies and organizations operating in Myanmar, one of the most exciting economies in the world. Newest tweets from Frontier Myanmar (@FrontierMM). Leader in the news of Myanmar. The Sankyo Frontier Myanmar Company Limited is engaged in the rental of prefabricated houses. Detailed coverage of news, business and current events in Myanmar.


Messages to our readership

Or at least a new border. Now, March Fools' Day is rolling around, and we're here as we said we'd be. What you find in it, we trust you will enjoy it. This is a tough time for free press and your support is crucial to maintaining Frontier's free lobby.

This will help us to give a distinctive and important role in Myanmar's audio-visual world. It is particularly gratifying that so many subscribers are renewing their bi-weekly subscription. You will probably see some changes, not least our new imprint. Our belief in Frontier's fundamental principles has not been altered.

This includes providing new coverage from every corner of Myanmar and giving voices to everyone, from the highest echelons of governance and businesses to the excluded and overlooked. In the last 30 month we believe we have developed an important project that takes a very special place in Myanmar. This bi-weekly re-launch will allow us to keep investing in high-quality journalists and inform you about a broad spectrum of issues that are important for Myanmar's continued success.

FRONTIER: We sincerely trust that you will join us in this new, thrilling stage in the story of Frontier. The frontier edition of this leading article is published on 1 March. Extensive reporting on Myanmar the latest developments, the latest developments and more.


Since 2008 Thomas Kean works as a reporter and writer in Myanmar. Prior to Frontier in May 2016, he spent six years publishing the English version of The Myanmar Times. He has five years of journalistic expertise in Myanmar. Mr. Frontier is Chief of Staff and his work has been published in The Guardian, CNN and Nikkei Asian Review.

Since 2014 Clare Hammond has been working as a Myanmar based newspaperwoman. Prior to Frontier, she headed the Myanmar Times office. Frontier's Myanmar voice output publisher Sann Oo began his journalistic careers nine years ago with the Myanmar Times. He' Mratt is a senior reporters at Frontier.

Started his professional life at Unity Weekly Journal 2010 and is focused on policy-making. He won the Agence France-Presse Kate Webb award in 2017 for his report on Myanmar's ethnical conflicts. Hey Ko Soe is a journalist from Myanmar. Before he joined Frontier, he worked at Mizzima.

She did an internship at the Irrawaddy and took part in the Sarus exchange programme between Myanmar and Bangladesh before coming to Frontier. Yangon-born Myanmar reporter Kyaw Ye Lynn. Before he joined Frontier, he worked as a free-lance reporter and forayer. He started his professional life at the Popular News in 2011.

He is a Yangon-based reporter. Previously he worked at Myanmar Now, Mawkun and Myanmar Business Today. and Alabama. Tickner is an Australian-born media professional who has worked in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

He received an Overseas Humanitarian Services Award from the GOE in 1999 for his work in East Timor and was a Walkley Award finisher for his work on the Kachin Crusade in North Myanmar. He is also credited with videos for Radio Free Asia's Burma TV channel.

She worked for the Myanmar Times before she joined Frontier. She is a photo journalist from Washington, D.C. She is the multimedia editor at Frontier and her work has been published in The Washington Post, NPR and Al Jazeera. Ms. Ni Aung began her journalistic careers in 2011 and previously worked as assistant head journalist at Myanmar National Television.

Naing Htet Naing graduated in International Management College with a degree in media studies and previously worked with Mizzima, Mandalay FM and Teen Radio. Extensive reporting on Myanmar the latest developments, the latest developments and more.

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