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The Frontier Flying Service is an American airline based in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. Contact information and fleet for FRONTIER FLYING SERVICE, INC. Fontier Flying Service, Inc. provides air freight and on-demand charter services in the United States. For Frontier Airlines, Low Fares Done Right.

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Fronttier Flying Service (now d/b/a Ravn Connect) is an US carrier based in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA[1] It runs an extended net of year-round regular and mail flights to Alaska, mainly just northern of Fairbanks, as well as charters to the lower 48 and Canada. In early 2008, Frontier Flying Service began the merger with Hageland Aviation Service, the businesses continued to run segregated Frontier Flying Service certifications that provide service between the large hub and focal point community with the Beech 1900C aircrafts, while Hagleand Air Service provides point-to-point service from the hub and focal point community to smaller towns, both under the name "Frontier Alaska" and have started to pool ressources and operation at all their common Aiports.

The alliance makes Frontier Alaska the biggest mass transit company in the state of Alaska (by fleets and number of routes). Alaska Airlines of Seattle on July 8, 2008 announces the Frontier Flying Service (d.b.a Frontier Alaska) as new codeshare partners starting in autumn 2008. From 2014, with the rationalisation of the aircraft and the almost full takeover of Era Aviation by the HoTH Airline Group, Frontier Flying Service now fulfils the task of flying freight and charter passengers for the other Ravn brand airlines, Corvus Airlines and Hageland Aviation, but also to use the Ravn Connect brand.

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The Frontier Flying Service is an US carrier located in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Frontier Flying Service is located at Fairbanks International Airport in Fairbanks, with turnstiles in Barrow, Kotzebue, Anchorage and Bethel. Throughout the year, the company provides regular and mail flights to Alaska, mainly to the northern part of Faribanks, as well as charters to the lower 48 and Canada.

Fronttier Flying Service has partnered with Corvus Airlines, Hageland Aviation or Ravn Alaska - together our airlines have been flying here as long as Alaska has been a state. The Ravn Alaska (formerly Era Alaska) provides regular liner and freight forwarding to more than 100 municipalities across the country. It connects some of the most well-known Last Frontier locations, such as Anchorage, Fairbanks, Bethel, Cordova, Homer, Valdez, Kenai, Kodiak and others.

Alaska Ravn offers service for groups of passengers and uneven size load up to 6,000 lbs, and have charters for anywhere in our large state, Canada and the Lower 48. In 2014, Era Aviation switched to Corvus Airlines during the renaming of Ravn Alaska. The Corvus Airlines airline operates under the Ravn Alaska name.

As Corvus has the reservation system of the other affiliates, Corvus manages the Ravn Alaska website and the general corporate brand. Formerly Era Aviation, Corvus Airlines began operating in 1948 when Carl Brady flown the first commercially owned chopper to Alaska to work on a map of the US state.

All over Alaska, Colvus Airlines operates flight plans to over 100 locations. Hageland Aviation operates Corvus' 3000-3999 flight as Ravn Connect. On Tuesday Frontier Airlines announces three new non-stop services to and from San Jose International Airport and 50 non-stop connections from San Jose - an all-time high for non-stop connections from the Bay Area's biggest town.

Atlanta, Cincinnati and Colorado Springs, Colorado are the newest towns to which Frontier has declared a non-stop connection to San Jose. Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Frontier, three low-cost airlines, have started new non-stop services at San Jose International Airports. "Including three new low-cost and non-stop travelers in South Bay and Silicon Valley will give them entry to seven (frontier) non-stop locations in the spring," said Daniel Shurz, Frontier Airlines Sr. VP, Commercial.

Fronttier had previously promised a non-stop service between San Jose and Denver, Las Vegas and the Texas towns of Austin and San Antonio. "Mayor Sam Liccardo said on Tuesday, "I appreciate the Frontier staff very much for their trust and continuous investment in San Jose. Alaska Airlines in March said San Jose would receive departures to Los Angeles, Tucson, Arizona and Austin, Texas on a day-to-day basis.

Southwest Airlines announced non-stop flight schedules between Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Boise, Idaho, Houston-Hobby, New Orleans, Orlando, Florida, Spokane, Washington and St. Louis on August 28. "Fellowship backing for our low-cost products has been great, so we are heralding three new cities," said Frontier's Shurz.

First border crossings to San Jose start on 5 October with the Denver airplane. On November 1, the service to Las Vegas begins. Fronttier plans to service the remainder of the towns that have been declared by early April 2018. "Today's Frontier messages take San Jose International to a new altitude as the additions of a non-stop service to three more towns mark 50 non-stop targets to be flown from San Jose," said the city's CEO, John Aitken, on Tuesday.

Beginning with Alaska Airlines' March announcement, the carriers have introduced at least 18 new non-stop services to San Jose. "It is the strength of the San Jose business community and the appreciation of San Jose," said Jonathan Vaden, a spokesperson for San Jose Aiport. With 50 non-stop flights to San Jose, South Bay is a highlight for South Bay International Airports.

This is the first ever non-stop service to at least 50 different aerodromes, Vaden said, quoting record-breaking flights dating back to 1990. "For several years now, we have been working with the airline companies to ensure that there is a great need for more flights in South Bay," said Vaden.

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