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Finally I am in Myanmar, the Golden Land. Here is a comprehensive guide to Myanmar to help you plan your trip! Like seen in The Independent - like seen on Frommers, like seen on Viator. Guidebooks & travel guides for Myanmar at discounted prices. ""Leave your Lonely Planet or Frommers at home.

Itinerary for a week in Myanmar

Burma is a large land full of cultural treasures and it's definitely a good idea to spend as much of your free stay as possible, but if you only have a whole weekend, I've put together a route for a whole weeks in Myanmar. It is only a guide - every traveler is different - but so I spend my 7 day in Myanmar.

In December 2012 my boyfriend and I agreed to end our journey through Southeast Asia with a tour of Myanmar. We' ve reserved Air Asia seats, from Bangkok to Mandalay and then from Yangon back to Bangkok. By this point, Air Asia had just begun to fly to Mandalay, and before that, travelers had to begin and end their journey in Yangon.

It was a little more challenging to see Myanmar in a whole weekend because you had to make a big bow up and down the land. If you are going to Mandalay and from Yangon or the other way round, you only have to fly in one way.

Until recently, Myanmar was a mysterious state. More and more information began to appear on-line, but when I researched the journey in 2012, there were only a few blog and web sites that contained handy information on how to get around Myanmar autonomously. The majority of the sites I found on Google promoted costly group trips and I was wondering how it was possible to see the land on a reasonable budge.

I am happy to say that Myanmar was a joy to be traveling around, and I didn't find it so hard. Burma is a vast land and if you have more free space, there is so much to discover. However, if you only have a whole weekend like me, the most important attractions for every visitor are Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon.

I have proposed a 7-day route to Myanmar covering all of these goals. Not only did I love this land because I managed to take some nice pictures, I also thought that the folks were some of the kindest I had ever known. A journey to Burma/Myanmar is like a journey into the past and the landscape is completely breathtaking.

It is not necessary to purchase an expensively packaged travel to see Myanmar; it is possible to see Myanmar on a reasonable cost. Here is my proposal for a trip to Myanmar: Take a flight to Mandalay (Air Asia arrives around 10:35 am). They can bargain for a cab fare to Mandalay - it should be about $12-$15USD.

Mandalay was warm and stuffy and we had no clue where we were going, so we arranged a price for a rider to take us around for the whole outing. We hadn' t researched much about the major Mandalay landmarks, but he knew exactly where to go and worked out a small route for us.

Eventually we dared to reach the summit of Mandalay Hill to take a look at the sundown. The Chapati booth in Mandalay on 27 th and 82nd for an affordable evening meal - this place is in the Lonely Planet Guidebook. From Mandalay there are several ways to get to Bagan - by rail, coach or ship.

It was more costly, but also the most beautiful and relaxed variant. It has been reserved through Nylon Hotel in Mandalay and is payable in US dollars. There is a warm meal and drink service on the yacht and an outside terrace with seats so you can enjoy the view from the Ayeyarwady.

I' ve been spending most of my free day taking pictures, talking to other travellers, read a books and sit in the outdoors. This was a really recreational adventure and the local people are waving to you from the riverbanks as the ship sailed by. When you arrive in Bagan, many local people are ready to take you to the city with their cabs or horses and wagons.

That was the most beautiful hotel in Myanmar and the WiFi was quite clean, although I could only get it at the front desk. Bagan is outside the realm and the climax is the sundown over this unbelievable area. In principle there are three ways to see Bagan - by car and horses, by air-conditioned cab or by bike rental and exploration of the area with a card.

Inle Lake is a full days tour, so we spend most of the night on the coach. In spite of everything I learned about these terrible coach trips in Myanmar, the coach was very convenient and I was delighted. Arriving in the evenings, we organized our cruise for the next morning and went to the city to find something to drink.

The cruise on Lake Inle was definitely the climax of my itinerary. A boater will take you to a number of places of interest, and you will see manufacturers of cigars, webers, jewelry manufacturers, smiths, shipbuilders, Karen etc. They' ll try to cheer you on to buy things from their stores and the boaters get commission, but I never felt too much pressure to buy anything.

Not many other visitors I saw then, but things may have been different since then. Ile Lake is unbelievably nice and the fisherman are very photoogenic, so please take your own ASR-cam. From Inle Lake to Yangon, the night coach left before sundown, arriving in the early mornings.

At Yangon we spent the night at Motherland Inn 2, which also offers a free of charge buffet and a free of charge shuttleservice to the Aiport. Arriving on the coach at 7am, we had a whole full working days to discover Yangon. At the end of our journey we were a little weary and weary, so we went to the Bogyoke Aung San Fair for a hair cut and then relaxing on the grassy side of Lake Kandawgyi before we went to Yangon's most famous structure - the Shwedagon Pagoda.

From Yangon to Bangkok our guest house offered a free trip to the international airports to take our early bird flu.

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