From Yangon to Myeik

Yangon to Myeik

The plan was to take the day boat to Dawei and from there back to Yangon. Compute the distance between Yangon and Myeik in miles and kilometers, free of charge, with map and flight time / flight duration to Myeik. Locate cheap air tickets & offers from Yangon (RGN) to Myeik (MGZ) and save on your next flight with Expedia.

Removal from Myeik to Yangon

The Myeik is in Myanmar with (12.4395,98.6003) and Yangon in Myanmar with (16.8053,96.1561) cood. Myeik - Yangon flight route is 343 mile, or 552 km. From Myeik to Yangon the journey is 859,34 km.

When you drive your vehicle at an approximate driving pace of 112 km/h (70 mph), the driving period is 07h40min. See the mean journey times chart on the right for different choices.

Iceland Hopping Expectations in Myeik

It is a town on the outskirts of the country, a harbour full of tar-coloured ships that remind us of a different time. Tiny small craft weaving themselves between solid ships full of Grizzled fishermen. Myeik is a young tourist destination for many reason. From Yangon the journey lasts over 18 hrs, passing Dawei the sidewalk begins to disappear, the journey a little more bumpy.

The majority of tourists are flying to the small airfield, their journey is already planned. Permira " is the wrath of every travel agent in the town. Legislation has eased since 2014, but there is still a lot of red tape, especially if you want to be on the ship as long as possible.

However, several diving adventure and two-day tours are subject to approval by the state. When you plan to spend several evenings on a single vessel, especially if you want to go diving, you should book your cruise one months in advance. 2. Copy of your pass must be viewed by three different ministries without the need for your municipal authority if you want to prevent travel to Myeik.

In case you have not reserved your journey before your arrival, simply go to your near harbor offices. You can plan a last minutes excursion, but don't hesitate, the boat fills up quickly. In order to be sure, one-day excursions should be planned at least 3 nights in advanced.

You' ll be spending quality leisurely times on a nearby shore. Each island cruise has at least one stop on one of the beaches, the next one is almost two hour by fisher and 90 minute by speedboat. Aesthetics of the isles are hardly tropic, the thick branches look marginal from the ship.

Sand beaches are set apart from the mostly cliffy and inaccessible coast. You will see the largest ships outside the harbour, namely 10 ft. pole fishermen' yachts fitted with ancient candlelights. The waters are high in the mornings and the ships are fast. When you moor for luncheon, you can go back to find a stranded vessel.

Every journey is determined by the flood. It is necessary to plan outings to small bays and mangroves at the beginning, open sea attractions are reserved for the second half. The majority of yachts you happen to see are fishermen. While there are daily outings to Dome Island, a Moken town about two hrs from Myeik, visitors will most likely only see the kids and oldest that were abandoned during their two-month angling missions.

Kayaking is an unbelievable adventure, but it has been wrongly named. Travel agencies provide a one-day kayaking trip, but less than a third of the trip is kayaked. Then, you start paddling to a fishermen's hamlet for dinner. A motorboat will take you from there to a remote sandy spot another an hour away.

Myeik itself is beautiful and varied. All this can be consumed within three or less hour.

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