From Yangon to Hpa an

Between Yangon and Hpa a

Many bus companies run from Yangon to Hpa-an, but unfortunately you will not find any timetables online. Hpa An is also a great place to visit for a weekend trip from Yangon in just about six hours driving time and with a manageable number of attractions. Timetable from Yangon to Hpa An - Myanmar Forum

In Yangon you can make reservations through your guest house or your accommodation. Well, if not, there are operatives at the main railway yard. I' d say most busses run in the mornings, but there are some overnight busses that I wouldn't recommend. I will be in Yangon at 9:30 a.m. and I will not stay overnight in Yangon.

Well, I suppose I'd just look for an operative near the main railway yard and take the chance of taking the overnight coach if there are no afternoons. The trouble with the dinner coach is you get in around 2:00 a.m. When booking your ticket through the main railway box, you can go to the coach terminal for $1, otherwise you can get a shuttles from Sule to the coach terminal for the same fare.


Running through the suburbs of Yangon at a slow pace, the trains are perfect for getting an impression of everyday living along the rail. One of the attractions in Bago is the principal store with a broad selection of regional produce, from fruit to all sorts of everyday necessities. Along the way we stop at the Bayin Nyi Cave, where, according to legends, a king's monk hid.

On a limestone rock face, the cavern is encircled by warm baths and verdant moors. We reach Hpa An in the afternoons. We reach Hpa An in the afternoons. Then after a brief ride we go to Kaw Gun Cape, also known as the Ten Thousand Buddha's Den.

To this day, not all of them have been encrypted, as the cavern dates from the seventh c... The probably most beautyful cavern is the Saddar cavern. We' re walking through a whole limestone area. Particularly the caverns Stalagmiten and Stalaktiten are unbelievably nice. Under the limestone massif a tradional wood ship takes us back to the parking lot.

Later in the afternoons we will go to the Fledermaushöhle, where every evening more than a thousand mice come out to find nourishment. We will take a trip by personal ferry to Mawlamyine (Moulmein) after having had our breakfasts. On the way we stop at U Nar Auk Monastery, constructed during British colonialism by the best artisans of that age.

The Mon Cultural Museum with its exhibitions of bronzes, silver goods, ceramics and sculpture (closed on Sundays and holidays). The Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, immortalised in Rudyard Kipling's poetry, begins: Later in the afternoons we will go back to Hpa An. Arrive in Yangon in the afternoons. From Yangon Airport to other locations, you must depart early from Hpa An (4.5 hours).

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