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There are many people flying directly from Yangon, Mandalay or Bagan to Ngapali. Thandwe - Yangon bus: Yangon, Myanmar. Ngapali Beach is not connected to Myanmar's rail network. Upon arrival you will be greeted by our tour guide and sent to your hotel for check-in.

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Yangon to Ngapali via public transport. Can I take the public transport from Yangon to Ngapali safely? Yangon to Ngapali via public transport. It' a long voyage, but they now have a more advanced shuttle for the voyage, it will take about 10+ hrs with maybe a modification in Pyay. Yangon to Ngapali via public transport.

Yangon to Ngapali by coach. Yangon to Ngapali by coach. Yangon to Ngapali by coach. Yangon to Ngapali by coach. Although it is a long way from Yangon to Ngapali ("Better Option" to stay in Pyay ), it is fine for this itinerary. Yangon to Ngapali by coach.

After spending a few nights in Ngapali, our plan is to take the coach from Ngapali to Sittwe and from there to Mrauk U? Then from there to Inle Lake and Mandalay. It is our main objective whether the journey by coach is possible and secure. Yangon to Ngapali by coach.

Yangon to Ngapali by coach. However, it will take a long way from Ngapali to Sittwe or Mrauk U. If you have enough spare minute, it is a good option to be on your way to the accommodation. Yangon to Ngapali by coach. Can I take the coach from INLE LAKE to MRAUK-U?

But that goes back. Can I go from INLE to MRAUK?

Fly from Yangon to Thandwe Airport by coach.

The journey from Yangon to Ngapali is a long way off. But on the other hand, the additional strain (and money) to get there is what distinguishes it from the other beloved and often congested seaside resorts in Southeast Asia. They can only find you enjoy a stripe of fine sandy beaches all to yourself.

We recommend to fly there, because the journey over land is hard! Busses can last over 13hrs due to uneven and unstable road conditions. There' s also a 24 hour shuttle service from Yangon to Pyay and then an extra 10 hour coach to Thandwe.

The flight from Yangon to Thandwe takes less than an hours and is the quickest way to get from the town to the water. Yangon International is 30km from the center of the town, so give yourself additional travel over there. You can get to the nearest international airports by cab, which should be about MMK8000.

Most of the way to the aerodrome can be done by shuttle service, but this will take additional work. There is a timetable currently being revised, so ask your local hotels for the latest departures to the AĆ©roport. Ngapali Beach is nearer to the city than the city.

The majority of medium - and high-price hotel establishments offer transfers from the airports. When you drive alone to or from the airfield in Thandwe, the taxi should not be more than MMK5000. Please note: There are less low season low season direct services from Yangon to Thandwe - May-September.

The drive from Yangon to Thandwe is not for the faint-hearted. Situated in the state of Rakhine, Ngapali Airport has been advised against travelling to Rakhine by some West European leaders, such as the UK and Canada, except for the south of Ngapali State. At this point the flight to Thandwe is the best way to get to the Ngapali beaches.

When you are decided to go to the Ngapali beaches by country, there are busses that run directly from Yangon to Thandwe (the city nearest the beach). It takes about 13 hrs but can be longer due to bad roads. In Yangon you can ask for Bustickets to Thandwe.

Busses are between 15,000 and 20,000 MMK. A further possibility is to terminate the journey with a stopover in Pey. The city of Piay itself is a nice place, which is not on the usual touristic path. It' 7h from Yangon on the Irrawaddy River. The busses to PYYAY run every day and are around 18,000 MMK.

They have to stay the whole evening in Pyay, as the journey to Ngapali Beach still takes 9-10h. There are no services between Yangon and Thandwe. Travelling by rail to Pyay and then by coach to Thandwe is an optional service if you don't care to add an added tourist leg to your journey and then suffer from a rough coach journey.

The journey to Pyay is an 8-hour rail journey from Yangon. Usually, the number 71 trains leave Yangon Central Railway Terminal at 1 p.m. every day and arrive at Pyay at 9.30 p.m. with a journey time of over 7 hrs to travel 260 km between Yangon and Pyay. Ticket prices range from USD5 to USD13 for top of the range and USD3 to USD5 for normal-seat.

There are some simple overnight accommodation options if you want to relax in Pyay. They can take a short brake from the street and cycle the whole days and explore a town off the beaten track. Thandwe is 9-10 hrs away and not very comfy!

In Thandwe you have to take a cab to Ngapali Beach 13 km away. If you are looking for an adventurous trip, you can try the boat from Yangon to Pyay and then take the coach to Ngapali Beach. In Yangon, you need to ask for up-to-date information about this itinerary, as it is not a traveler's way out.

After Pyay it is 9-10 hrs to Thandwe (Ngapali Beach). In Thandwe, most travelers go to sunbathe and unwind on Ngapali beaches after discovering the many monasteries and shrines for which Myanmar is known. After all this, if you still have your batteries, you can hire bicycles and explore the nearby fishermen's village and the colorful markets of Thandwe.

When not, get on the shore and savour the sunny, ocean and crisp shellfish. As Myanmar is not yet known as a seaside resort, you can still explore the sandy shores for which Southeast Asia is known. Make the trouble to get there before the calm of Ngapali is over.

One of Myanmar's less traveled gemstones, Mrauk U is a place where you can see stunning monuments without the masses of people of Bagan. It is 15h from Thandwe by coach, 15.000 MMK. up to 5 lessons You can also take a local ferry from Sittwe to Mrauk U or rent your own personal one.

From Thandwe to Pyay you can take the coach if you have not seen the renowned Bagan temple. Alternatively, the simplest way to Bagan is to take the airplane, rail or coach from Thandwe to Mandalay.

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