From Myanmar to Thailand by Land

Land transport from Myanmar to Thailand

Human trafficking across the Thai-Myanmar frontier rises despite crackdowns, SE Asia News & Top Stories AE SOT, Thailand (REUTERS) - Human traffic across the Myanmar-Thai frontier is on the increase, despite a tough approach by the Thai government in both counties, which has made it more costly and risky, says Thai migration police". At the beginning of the year, Thailand said it hopes that its antismuggling effort will be acknowledged by the United States in its next month's human traffic survey.

However, while fewer immigrants seem to dare dangerous voyages by land, the numbers of immigrant policemen at the land borders show an increasing number of trafficked persons from Myanmar since 2014, when Thailand's army took over and swore to fight man traffic and trade circles. "We have exerted a great deal of leverage so they have to find a new way," Sompong Saimonka, Assistant Head of Frontier Patrol in Thailand's Tak West Territory, Myanmar's principal gate, said to Reuters.

" As Myanmar's economies boom, the World Bank is forecasting 7 percent a year on averages. Myanmar immigrants often work in industries such as building, farming and fisheries, which form the spine of the second biggest economies in Southeast Asia. Last year, the two nations concluded an accord allowing Myanmar immigrants to work in Thailand legit.

Thailand's tough stance against people traffickers and traffickers echoed in the area in 2015, drawing worldwide publicity to the abuse to which some of those who sought a better way of living were subjected. Shipments of immigrants, many of them Rohingya Muslims who escaped prosecution in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, were rejected to Malaysia by the Bangladeshi local authorities after being released by traffickers at Sea.

Tens of corpses of suspicious immigrants have been found in jungles along the Thai-Malaysian divide. Thailand's policemen say that the concentration on maritime traffic to Thailand and Malaysia has led traffickers to return to overland roads, where it is simpler to bypass control points. In Mae Sot, the country's major point of access to West Thailand, migration policing figures show that the number of trafficked persons from Myanmar has risen from 20,323 in 2014 to 24,962 in 2016.

Only a few of those who were recently trafficked were Rohingya, said the Mae Sot POW. "Thailand is currently very aware of the issue of people' s right to work and we have opened ourselves up to workers from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar to work in Thailand," said Thai administration spokesperson Sansern Kaewkamnerd.

"Third-country needs workers abroad. There were no total numbers of persons entering Thailand illegally. Anyone CAN BE A BROKER" The suppression in 2015 resulted in the case against some suspected smugglers. However, the local policemen in Mae Sot say that the net of persons who are willing to act as agents is broader than previously assumed.

"Anybody can be a realtor. An Mae Sot Mystery Operator in Burma with a cell telephone can be a broker," said a former frontier policeman from Mae Sot, who refused to be called because he said he was afraid for his security. In last year's carefully monitored country watchdog, which classifies Thailand on the basis of its human smuggling effort, the US State Department raised Thailand's statute to level 2 on the Watch Lists.

After the 2014 putsch, Thailand had been lowered to stage 3, the weakest stage that could lead to sanction. Usually published in June, the interim reports are important for the Thai government as it tries to fully normalize its relationship with Washington and show that it addresses difficult problems better than former civil services.

Thailand-Myanmaria' s Tak River is about 500 km long and covers the 327 km long Moie River. A former frontier policeman said that since 2015, many agents no longer run the risks of carrying immigrants in large groups. Immigrants usually spend up to 15,000 Bahts (S$608) to be trafficked from the frontier area to Bangkok and other Thailand destinations.

"The offer has declined, but the need for labor is still there, so the smuggler charge has risen," said Mr Yunus, a Muslim realtor from Myanmar in Thailand, Reuters in a phone conversation.

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